May 12, 2014

Doggy Haul!

I woke up pretty early yesterday only to watch shokura -_- I saw the gif of king & queen & joker on tumblr so I decided to watch it even though it’s early in the morning -_- I hate that it’s rescheduled to 9am on sunday -_- 10:25pm on friday was the best schedule! I got really sleepy the night before so I sleep quite much. Then I went back to sleep after watching shokura. I woke up to eat lunch then I sleep again LOL.
Actually there’s a dog event at the mall and I wanna go there but I fell asleep -_- My classmate was already going home with her dogs by the time I woke up -_- I still went there although I don’t bring my dog. I was wandering around the bazaar then it rained damn it!
I bought 2 outfits and a bag of treat for my dog~
I bought milk bone cookies. It smells delicious so I got curious and try it LOL. I ate it a little and it taste tasteless -_- well it’s for dogs afterall…………………..
and these are the outfits!
My dog turned to be a panda! LOL it’s so cute, isn’t it????? I really like it!! It even has a tail on it!! and it matches with my shirokuma panda hoodie LOL. I’m gonna take a selfie using panda together with my dog!!!
and the other one is otter!!!
My dog is pomeranian but his size is L (´⊙ω⊙`)! I bought a navy theme shirt for him online a few months ago. Since the average size of pom ranges S-M so I thought M would fit him. He still could wear it but it’s not big enough for him -_- Well he has a lot of fur and fat at the same time LOL. I’m just glad because these new outfits fit him really well~ I also wanna bought him a pink tutu to match my skirt that I buy in bangkok last year. Unfortunately it’s only available on S :( lucky boy! LOL

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