May 14, 2014

Daiso Haul #2

I bought some stuffs in daiso a while ago. Well it’s actually quite a lot of stuff LOL
I bought a looooot of random stuff LOL, These are pretty unimportant stuff but I bought them anyway LOL. A belly warmer, I thought I’d use it when I catch flu (and I didn’t use it, completely forget about it LOL). Two super cute fluffy socks even though I rarely wear socks anymore. And a pair of hands/legs warmer which I do use when I drive my car because the AC near the steering wheel sometimes can be too cool (and to block sunlight when it’s so fuckin hot outside LOL).
So these two are the residents of my car now (along with a pair of sandals, a pair of flat shoes, 2 pairs of shoes, a pair of boots and 2 pairs of high heels LOLOLOLOL). I bought the hand gripper for me to exercise(?) during traffic jam, but I never do it LOL I always end up with my phone during the traffic jam~ I think I need stronger arms that’s why I bought it LOL
Then this crystal strap and a fluffy key chain. I do use it the fluffy thing to hold my keys. I wanted to put the crystal strap on my backpack but it didn’t turn out really good so put it on my cross body bag….
and one more pair of socks…….
and these cute hello kitty name tag badge and pouch. Actually I only want the strap and I’ll use it during events to hold my commitee badge LOL. And I wanna use the pouch as a wallet when I have a looooot of coins since my current wallet has a very limited space for coins -_-
and these beauty products(?) LOL
and I bought a lot of their charcoal cleanser and nose blackhead remover…. I actually wanted to buy their charcoal mask, but I didn’t find any even though I just go to 3 daiso stores -_- I thought I take the mask from the shelf, but it’s actually the cleanser instead -______- Stupid me…….
and this wonderful whiteboard notebook~ I only found this in 1 out of 3 daiso store… I was just glad to find this wonderful innovative notebook LOL So it’s like whiteboard, but it’s a notebook~
I really love daiso because they sell a lot of cute stuff LOL. I haven’t been to one in my city though because they’re pretty far from my home and there’s always traffic jam on the way there -_-

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