May 18, 2014

bad bad bad bad

I really really really bad at waking up in the morning since this term -_- My classes are mostly in the afternoon. The only class I have in the morning is database system on Saturday.
My class started at 7:20am yesterday. I set alarms at 6am-7am. Yet I woke up at 8am -_____- It’s a two shift class and luckily my attendance was still counted for both classes during the attendance check LOL.
And I was pretty shocked someone looked for my tumblr but end up at my blogger instead LOL. I hope they’re not someone I know irl -_- My blog is my journal and I’ve always written my honest opinion/feeling/whatever on it. I don’t mind people read it. I’m just afraid they’d act differently if they read my posts. I’m just being honest anyway….. When I know someone dislikes me or something, I make it as a reflection. But some people could do the opposite of it -_- I never put my real name on tumblr/blogger though.

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