May 31, 2014

Etude House Rosy Tint Lips #6 English Garden

I’ve never been a big fan of lip products. All I had were 2 maybelline baby lips, 1 maybelline tinted baby lips, 1 the body shop lip balm, 3 types of maybelline lipsticks. LOL that’s quite a lot. But I saw this etude product, and probably the first ever etude product that stole enough of my heart that I decide to buy it. I finally bought it online (along with two other products -_-), because it’s cheaper than buying it at their retail store. And now I’m gonna show it off~ LOL
Since I could’t find it on the korean web as there’s too many things there so I just copy it from their japanese web LOL. I only wanna show the color range but it’s connected to two other pics -_- I like the #5 and #6, but I only bought #6: English Garden. I think I’m gonna buy #5 in the future though~
The packaging is really interesting because it’s a tube and there’re roses on the box!! Sexy rose~

 and the tip to apply it is different than others… it reminds me to a glue that I used during elementary school LOL

Here’s how it looks on my lips…on the right part. The left one’s still my bare lips. Well not really bare though, I applied my lip balm like 5 or 10 or 15 min before I use the lip tint.

and with flash……… and now I just realized that I didn’t apply my foundation evenly -_-

I don’t remember how many layers I applied. I just put dots on my lips then apply it evenly…… and here’s on my whole lips although it’s really messy LOL

and with flash….. dear skin y u so gross ._.

I read a looooot of reviews of this product before I purchase it. They said it makes their skin dry. Well I noticed that it did dry my lips, but my lips are usually dry unless I put some lip balm on. So I’m already used to it. And the tube was a little bit hard to press when I use it for the first time. I’m already used to it now though. I think there’d be some of the product left on the tube that wouldn’t get out when there’s only a little left, like tooth paste. It’s quite sucks -_- But I still wanna but the #5 though LOL

May 30, 2014

aishiteruze baby

I just finished watching aishiteruze baby, Since I was like wtf with the ending, so I read the last chapter of the manga. The ending of the anime didn’t feel like an ending -_- I think I’m gonna read the manga later…….

not productive

It’s another holiday yesterday. And a lot of classes are off this week. I’m so bored. I slept a lot last night. For the first time in forever I slept before 12am. I usually sleep at 2 or 3 or 4am, 1am at earliest. Since most of my classes start at 11am so I still get 5-6hours of sleep every night. I slept a lot last night yet I’m already sleepy now and it’s still 1am. I even slept again during the day -_- I’m so not productive during holiday………… I did nothing but sleep, eat, play hay day, and watch aishiteruze baby.

May 28, 2014

Etude House Haul #1

I’m still not over online shopping. I bought a few etude house products from an online store on instagram last Saturday. They arrived yesterday and I’m just glad at least I get it yesterday after knowing that I didn’t pass the audition again. I’m already used to it and I didn’t expect much, but… still………..
So these are the stuffs that I bought… these all are etude house products.
- Eye’s Cream Mint Cooling
- Color My Brows #5 Blondie Brown
- Rosy Tint Lips #6 English Garden
and I also got a free sample~
- Face Conditioning Cream Light
Then I tried them as soon as I get them except the face conditioning cream. I’ll write the post about them later~


I’m so boreeeeeeed. Finally the project’s finished. Luckily we still had time to fix it in the class. The showcase started at 9am to 3pm. It’s 1pm and the judges/lecturers/whoever who will give the marks still haven’t come to our room yet!! The room was so hot when I first come, and now it’s freezing cold -_- I’m so so so so so so bored -_-


I have this project which is somewhat due today….. We have to make a web/application and then we’ll have showcase event which is today. So it’s somewhat due today but it’s still not clear whether it should be the prototype or the final product of the thing.
My group decided to make this website about color addition. I made the html and such and it’s done. But my teammate whom made the flash for the app……. well the swf files don’t load properly after I put it on my html. One is looping forever of the pictures on it, and the other one doesn’t show what it has to show when clicked -_-
What makes me upset is, I already told her to read the storyboard that I’ve made since ages ago yet she didn’t. I explained everything on the storyboard as detail as possible with visuals, since it has to be submitted to the lecturer. We also already talked about it hundreds times. Then she wouldn’t start doing it because she’s still confused or lazy who knows. She finally made it two days ago, when we finally get the time to do it together. And now it’s still a fuckin mess -_- 

May 26, 2014

Hay Day

I’ve been sleepy since 2 hours ago yet I’m still awake thanks to hay day -_-
My classmates play hay day everyday amd make me wanna play it too. I installed it on my ipad a long time ago. But I was busy playing my smurf’s village so I uninstall it. I don’t play smurf’s village it anymore since it’s very laggy now…..
My level is still 21 or 22 meanwhile my classmates are almost 30 and 40……
And I have to wake earlier this morning and yet I’m still awake -____-

May 24, 2014


I just finished watching tonari no kaibutsu kun~
and I think I’m gonna catch a flu AGAIN soon -_____-


I bought a 7 hours karaoke voucher on livingsocial for almost USD10 a few weeks ago. It’s so cheap, isn’t it? Although it’s only valid at 11am-6am.
I went there with with two of my classmates and a friend of her. But one of them woke up late so we arrived at the karaoke place at 12pm. So we only got 6 hours of karaoke…. which is still plenty of time.
Since there were four of us and there’s only two microphones available, so only two of us sing for each song. We sang a looooot of songs; Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, to Western! I personally think my singing skill isn’t so bad, yet not that good. One of my friend was pretty bad at singing, and the warm up takes almost 5 hours for her LOL. She finally sounded better during the last hour. 
We finally finished at 6pm. It’s raining and there’s already a little flood in front of the karaoke place! Luckily my car still could go through it LOL. Then we went to gancy to have dinner.
We had dinner at marugame udon. I’m still not a fan udon though. I was kinda craving for mentai, so I order mentai kamatama udon and I put a loooooooot of tempura on it LOL.
And I also got tamago tempura which is delicious as always. The egg’s still half cooked~! yum!
Then I bought an ice cream bread that I’ve craved for a loooooong time. 
It’s Little Tea Leaves by The Freezy Fabulous! I love matcha ice cream, but I love their bread even more! It’s so soft and delicious!! I’ve never fallen in love to a bread like this one before LOL
I got home pretty late. I wanted to submit the mmk application that night but I fall asleep -_-

May 21, 2014


OMG MMK audition is opened!!! It’s opened since 2 days ago but I just check their fanpage today ._. I’m so excited I’m gonna take a lot of pictures tomorrow to submit~
now…..back to reality which is getting this software engineering project done! the sound engineering part somehow sounds cool LOL


I downloaded an app called whisper yesterday. Here is their description:
"Whisper is an anonymous social network that allows people to express themselves, connect with like-minded individuals, and discover the unseen world around us. With Whisper, you can anonymously share your thoughts and emotions with the world, and form lasting and meaningful relationships in a community built around trust and honesty. If you have ever had something too intimate to share on traditional social networks, simply share it on Whisper!"
and I’ve uninstalled it already.
Apparently, the people there are not so like-minded and I feel like I can’t express myself without getting bashed -_- So rather than being mad to see others’ replies, i just uninstalled it. I thought it’d be a really great place for me to express my feelings apart on tumblr.
What a waste of time…………

May 20, 2014


another blackout :(


I’m gonna write a short post about 2020 come on to Tokyo
I’m not a native speaker as well
okay I’m driving and the traffic jam is better now
Better stop writing this before I hit a car or motorcycle lol
I already can’t focus because of the song I like it though lolololol

May 19, 2014


Happy 7th birthday fido!!! My precious little old boy, you’re more than a dog to me!! I love youuuu so muchhh (๑・ω-)~♥”
You are so awesome, my dog, my dawg, my best friend, my brother, my son, my old man, my love! Even though I’ve been pissing you off and you piss me off a lot, tease you too much and you sit on my head everyday until my hair hurt, always step on me and sometimes I accidentally step on you, even though you can’t eat your own birthday cake and I still bought that one, I know you know how much I love you and you mean to me.
You are now 7 years old which is around 49yo of human LOL
Let’s keep being stupid, lazy, have fun, eat junk food together! I’m so grateful to have you even though sometimes you’re being a jerk and so am I to you LOL

May 18, 2014


I’m so sleepy!!! I woke up at almost 9am to watch shokura. Then I went to campus because I have a meeting. I got home at almost 6pm. I went to the ATM to get some money to pay for my dog’s birthday cake. Then I went to the laundry to get my clothes. Then when I was about to go inside the elevator, the cake arrives. So I got the cake first then go upstairs.
I wanna celebrate my dog’s birthday when the clock strikes midnight and it’s still 10pm and yet I’m so sleepyyyy!!! 

bad bad bad bad

I really really really bad at waking up in the morning since this term -_- My classes are mostly in the afternoon. The only class I have in the morning is database system on Saturday.
My class started at 7:20am yesterday. I set alarms at 6am-7am. Yet I woke up at 8am -_____- It’s a two shift class and luckily my attendance was still counted for both classes during the attendance check LOL.
And I was pretty shocked someone looked for my tumblr but end up at my blogger instead LOL. I hope they’re not someone I know irl -_- My blog is my journal and I’ve always written my honest opinion/feeling/whatever on it. I don’t mind people read it. I’m just afraid they’d act differently if they read my posts. I’m just being honest anyway….. When I know someone dislikes me or something, I make it as a reflection. But some people could do the opposite of it -_- I never put my real name on tumblr/blogger though.

May 17, 2014

Monopod a.k.a. Tongsis (Tongkat Narsis)

I bought a monopod!!! It’s more known as tongsis (tongkat narsis) in Indonesia. Tongkat=stick, narsis=narcissistic LOL. It’s a really useful stuff for taking group selfies, even though I’d most probably just use it to take selfies of myself LOL!!!! 
I read a few articles about this. They said it’s made because when people take photos during vacation or something, there’s always one person who can’t be at the photos whom is the photographer. By using a monopod, all of people can get captured~
It’s pink of course!! LOL. I bought it at JakNot. This is not a sponsored post or whatsoever, I just simply love the store because it gives a lot of discount LOL.
I’ve wanted to buy a monopod for quite some time and my mom did too. We wanted the bluetooth one, but it’s more than twice the price of the basic one. The bluetooth one costs around IDR 300K-350K (USD 26-35) although in jaknot is only IDR 279k (USD 25) thanks to the discount LOL. I bought the cheapest monopod and the phone holder (around USD 1/IDR 13k) which the total cost less than IDR 80k/USD 7 (after discounted). 
I tested it out immediately LOL. See there’s still a lot of space left! I can’t wait till I meet my friends or something so we can take group pics together without only taking selfies of our faces/heads LOL.
my eye bags are always superb( ̄へ ̄)
I used like this…
and my dog got confused LOL
Sadly, I can’t take portrait pictures with the monopod because my phone’s too heavy (even though it’s only 130g + a few more grams for the case). It would keep rotating like this ( ̄ω ̄) 
I used my iPhone because I take this picture with my S4.
In conclusion, I can’t wait to use this with my friends. So please please please don’t be such busy bitches and let’s meet up!!

Seishun Girls

Go! Go! Go!
We’re crazy girls
Come! Come! Come!
You’re lazy boys

I can't stop singing this song all of sudden

Maybelline Master Liner: Black

I bought two new eyeliners a few days ago. I’ve made post about the pink one, so I’m gonna write about the other one now! I just regained my interest to write about stuffs rather than just my daily journal recently LOL.
It’s maybelline. It’s master liner. It’s cream pencil eye liner. I bought the black one. I bought this one by mistake -_-
I used to have the brown one of this master liner series but now it’s gone, I don’t remember where I put it -_- I could say I’m not a fan of this type of eye liner though. It’s the spinning/rotating type. I don’t know whether is it just me or this type of eye liner breaks easily………
Since the hyper sharp liner that I’ve always used for my everyday make up has been out of stock for quite some time, so I just bought the master liner anyway. 
see… my eyes are stupidly different with each other -_-
I couldn’t get to make the black line at once. So I was like drawing on my eyelid to make the color visible -_- I applied it onto my right eyelid first, then onto the left one. Then the tip wasn’t sharp anymore so I couldn’t really make the wing nicely.
I used to have this kind of eye liner from the face shop. It broke pretty easily too -_- But the face shop’s one had sharpener at the end of it so I could sharpen the pencil easily. 
I don’t think I’m gonna purchase this one, or this kind of eye liner again in the future. I hope this one that I just bought would last long until it breaks and be stupidly dull and flat, flat! -_- I wouldn’t even buy this if the staff didn’t give me the wrong one… and I stupidly didn’t recheck it at the cashier -_- 

May 16, 2014


I could hardly sleep last night. My sleeping cycle has gone bad once again ;_; I wasn’t sleepy even though it’s already 6am -_- I finally slept at around 8am and wake up at around 12pm since I had a class at 3pm. 
The time went so slow today and I get really bored at class. And the room was super hot probably the AC broke down. I took my cardigan off and only wear my tank top but it’s still soooo hot! I was gonna study seriously but when I was following the procedures to do this and that I clicked on something I shouldn’t and the program closed down. I got grumpy and just gossip with my classmates in the end.

I got really bored in class yesterday. Laying my head on the desk + selfie = really really bored
I got really bored in the class. Laying my head on the desk + selfie = really really bored
I got sleepy when I was going home. I had to go to the mall first because my mom asked me to buy some food again.
Then I fell asleep while I was still wearing a mask that I’ve wanted to review since last week. I actually wanted to write a review about the other eye liner purchased yesterday, but I fell asleep instead -_-


if you ever see me taking selfie alone in public, that means I’m really really really really really really really bored

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Runway Pop Liquid Liner: Hot Pink

I BOUGHT PINK EYELINER!!! It’s Hyper Glossy Runway Pop Liquid Liner in Hot Pink by Maybelline. I’ve never been this happy for quite some time because of shopping LOL
So here’s the back story… my mom asked me to buy her some breads in the mall since she doesn’t wanna go outside as she still has stitches from the surgery under her eyes. So I was gonna put on some eyeliner, but somehow mine has dried!! Mine is hypersharp liner from maybelline and it’s marker with brush tip and very convenient easy to use. Unfortunately I didn’t put the cap properly yesterday so it dried  (ुŏ̥̥̥̥ ‸ ŏ̥̥̥̥) ु
I was looking for the hypersharp liners everywhere in the mall but none of the stores that has maybelline sell it :( It’s been out of stock for quite some time…. So I bought other type instead. I was gonna buy the pencil one, but unfortunately the staff gave me the crayon one—which breaks really easily and the type I hate the most to me, and I didn’t re-check it at the register (T▽T)
While I was looking for the hyper sharp one, I also saw the Hyper Glossy Runway Pop Liquid Liner. I used to have a colored liner that I bought in sephora a few years ago (and it’s gone now, gone). It’s cheap, cheaper than the hyper sharp liner. It’s only IDR 49k which is less than USD 5!
I love the pink color~
I immediately tested it out after I get home LOL. I 
Ta-daaaaaa~ My right eye was half covered by my bangs though LOL. I tried to put the bangs away but they always get back to that position…. And the liner on my right eye wasn’t actually really shown as my eyes are different and the right one seems to be smaller and softer(?) double eyelid(???). wtf is soft double eyelid… Well, the point is the left one is bigger than the right one and the eyelid is more visible as well…. 
I think the thicker, the better the result as it’d be more visible. And I think it’s prettier if black eyeliner is applied at the bottom of eyeliner like this model on their ads….. 
I still really love it though…since it’s pink~ LOL. I also immediately sent a snapchat to my friends LOL

May 15, 2014


I just made a reddit account…. I also followed a lot of people since yesterday here…. and I also download a lot of photography apps -_- I guess I’m really bored and I don’t know what to do with my life anymore……
My mom had her eye bags removed by surgery yesterday. It’s really scary the “after” because it’s still swollen…. the nurse said it’ll be gone after a week. I woke up pretty late because I sleep in the morning again. I went to pick up my mom from the beauty clinic downtown. The traffic jam was really bad when we’re going home. I finally got to use my hand gripper LOL. I always drive my car to go to campus, but when I go to other places/routes I always get nervous especially because of those fucking stupid reckless motorcycles. They’re seriously everywhere and I really hate them -_-

May 14, 2014

King & Queen & Joker


I just downloaded a bunch of apps to my phone, mostly camera apps… And now I’m too lazy to try them all….

Daiso Haul #2

I bought some stuffs in daiso a while ago. Well it’s actually quite a lot of stuff LOL
I bought a looooot of random stuff LOL, These are pretty unimportant stuff but I bought them anyway LOL. A belly warmer, I thought I’d use it when I catch flu (and I didn’t use it, completely forget about it LOL). Two super cute fluffy socks even though I rarely wear socks anymore. And a pair of hands/legs warmer which I do use when I drive my car because the AC near the steering wheel sometimes can be too cool (and to block sunlight when it’s so fuckin hot outside LOL).
So these two are the residents of my car now (along with a pair of sandals, a pair of flat shoes, 2 pairs of shoes, a pair of boots and 2 pairs of high heels LOLOLOLOL). I bought the hand gripper for me to exercise(?) during traffic jam, but I never do it LOL I always end up with my phone during the traffic jam~ I think I need stronger arms that’s why I bought it LOL
Then this crystal strap and a fluffy key chain. I do use it the fluffy thing to hold my keys. I wanted to put the crystal strap on my backpack but it didn’t turn out really good so put it on my cross body bag….
and one more pair of socks…….
and these cute hello kitty name tag badge and pouch. Actually I only want the strap and I’ll use it during events to hold my commitee badge LOL. And I wanna use the pouch as a wallet when I have a looooot of coins since my current wallet has a very limited space for coins -_-
and these beauty products(?) LOL
and I bought a lot of their charcoal cleanser and nose blackhead remover…. I actually wanted to buy their charcoal mask, but I didn’t find any even though I just go to 3 daiso stores -_- I thought I take the mask from the shelf, but it’s actually the cleanser instead -______- Stupid me…….
and this wonderful whiteboard notebook~ I only found this in 1 out of 3 daiso store… I was just glad to find this wonderful innovative notebook LOL So it’s like whiteboard, but it’s a notebook~
I really love daiso because they sell a lot of cute stuff LOL. I haven’t been to one in my city though because they’re pretty far from my home and there’s always traffic jam on the way there -_-

Check out my other Daiso haul!

May 13, 2014


Finally the electricity has come back!!! I read the news that there’s some damaged at the power plant…. finally it’s come back after around 8 hours!!!! Luckily I live in apartment so I could still have the lights. I also found out that the wall plug in the kitchen was still working thanks to the genset~ 
I charged everything. My laptop was already dying because I watched a few episodes of modern family lol. 
I finally did an assignment due today as well~ even though I’m not sure how it should be done…….

May 12, 2014


I skipped the class today. I slept till pretty late. And there’s a blackout right now. The lamps are still on, but the others aren’t -_- not even the air conditioner and wifi. I hope my laptop and phone battery will still last till the black out is over….. I’m so bored though.

king & queen & joker

I watched this week’s shokura on tv. Sexy Zone performed king & queen & joker. There’s kento x shori fan service. I automatically said wtf. I’d only woken up for like a 10 or 15 minutes. I’m already used to fan service. But this one really wow LOL. And I just realized like 14 or 15 hours after I watch it that since the lyrics was futari ga king and queen so it’s kento and shori who did it LOL
I really love this song!!!!!!

Doggy Haul!

I woke up pretty early yesterday only to watch shokura -_- I saw the gif of king & queen & joker on tumblr so I decided to watch it even though it’s early in the morning -_- I hate that it’s rescheduled to 9am on sunday -_- 10:25pm on friday was the best schedule! I got really sleepy the night before so I sleep quite much. Then I went back to sleep after watching shokura. I woke up to eat lunch then I sleep again LOL.
Actually there’s a dog event at the mall and I wanna go there but I fell asleep -_- My classmate was already going home with her dogs by the time I woke up -_- I still went there although I don’t bring my dog. I was wandering around the bazaar then it rained damn it!
I bought 2 outfits and a bag of treat for my dog~
I bought milk bone cookies. It smells delicious so I got curious and try it LOL. I ate it a little and it taste tasteless -_- well it’s for dogs afterall…………………..
and these are the outfits!
My dog turned to be a panda! LOL it’s so cute, isn’t it????? I really like it!! It even has a tail on it!! and it matches with my shirokuma panda hoodie LOL. I’m gonna take a selfie using panda together with my dog!!!
and the other one is otter!!!
My dog is pomeranian but his size is L (´⊙ω⊙`)! I bought a navy theme shirt for him online a few months ago. Since the average size of pom ranges S-M so I thought M would fit him. He still could wear it but it’s not big enough for him -_- Well he has a lot of fur and fat at the same time LOL. I’m just glad because these new outfits fit him really well~ I also wanna bought him a pink tutu to match my skirt that I buy in bangkok last year. Unfortunately it’s only available on S :( lucky boy! LOL