April 29, 2014

so lost

I haven’t written much lately….. Well I’ve been having mid examination since last week. There’re only two more to go… yay! Although I did pretty bad yesterday lol.
I’ve watched Suburgatory from season 1 till now since last weekend. I just don’t really have anything to watch right now. PLL is on break, himym has finished….. nikita has unexpectedly finished months ago………. and the crazy ones is canceled -_-  I’m currently watching this season’s modern family, the big bang theory, 2 broke girls, once upon a time, trophy wife, melissa and joey….. and extra suburgatory now…. if they’re not suddenly on short break -_-
I’ve also been neglecting whatever I should be doing….. I just have no passion anymore, to do anything…. I don’t have any goal in my life anymore, and I feel so lost ._.

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