April 16, 2014

shirokuma hoodie

I’ve been following a lot of online stores on instagram lately. And the latest thing I bought is a panda hoodie!! and it’s a character from shirokuma anime! I’ve never watched it though, but I really like the hoodie because it’s so cute lol. I just bought the black winged hoodie a while ago though, so I feel super extravagant(?).
and I just realized my mirror is super dirty after taking this pic LOL.
I ordered the size M because the L isn’t available anymore. I bought the size L for the winged hoodie and it’s too huge for me so I resize it. I intentionally bought the L one so the sleeves would be long. And this M size one……. the sleeves aren’t long enough, they don’t cover my (half) of my fingers. They reach my wrist though, but when I move around, they’d get higher than my wrist and it’s so annoying -_- 

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