April 23, 2014

SG - Sunday

I woke up pretty late on Sunday. I went to ion in the afternoon. I was looking for more stuff at daiso over there lol. Then I went to wheelock place to go to borders. Unfortunately it’s moved to jurong which is pretty far away. I had a chat on fb a dayf before with one of 7 people I know from acm icpc last year. They’re NTU students. He told me there’s a new mall in jurong and there’s lots of food lol. I wish I had more time so I could go to that mall lol. Then he told me that two of them are going to intern at microsoft and google in USA!!! OMG they’re just sooo smart and sooo cooool! I wish I had an opportunity like them….. but programming isn’t really my thing…. I still wish that I could work in google at other division but programming though. And one of them was the one whom lost his food coupon during acm icpc and he’s afraid he couldn’t have lunch LOL. I’m still so proud of them!!
So I went to kinokuniya at takashimaya instead. I finally found the 6th book of gallagher girls!!! And I kinda forgot whether I’ve read the 5th book or not…. but I think I have -_-
Then I went to plaza singapura. Well…. another daiso actually LOL. There’s lots of stuff that’s not available in other daiso stores….. So I bought quite a lot from there lol.
Then I went to bugis+ to watch kuroshitsuji the movie!!! I watched it alone, even though the cinema was almost full….. but it’s okay though lol. However, the story….. is pretty much like most of japanese crime story…. and they’re pretty brave to make ciel as a girl….. which I found kinda annoying….. I still like the manga much better….
Then I bought 5 egg balls at bugis junction lol. 2 pizza flavored, 2 original and 1 chocolate. Unfortunately they aren’t that good after a day…. I still have most of them…. I wish I ate them as soon as I buy them -_-
Then I went to vivo city to meet my mom and her friends. They were at cotton on. I bought 5 pairs of shoes/sandals there lol.
Then I went to the nook with T. I finally got to eat their pizza! I ordered the 4 cheese pizza.
Then we went to another restaurant nearby. There’s a staff who looks like our high school math teacher. Unfortunately he wasn’t there, so I just went back to the hotel.
I went back to my country on monday morning. It’s a pretty nice getaway for a busy life of mine………..

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