April 23, 2014

SG - Saturday

I went to sg last weekend. Another short run away trip lol. I went there with my mom and her friends, but I don’t really go out with them. 
I bought a lot of stuff from daiso again. And also 5 pairs of shoes and sandals lol. I didn’t get to buy milky way chocolates though :(
I didn’t sleep the night before so I drink an energy drink to keep me awake for the day. Coffee is just not effective for me.
I went to Ma Maison at Clarke Quay with T for lunch. I really wanted to eat their pancakes, yet it’s not available there -_- Unfortunately it’s only available at ma maison in bugis+ -_- So I had omurice instead.
Then we went to liang court. There’s lots of japanese stuff in that mall, but not the ones I imagined. So I ended up buying these instead (crunchie, twix, mars excluded).
Then we went to marina square to go to vhm. I found sexy second there! I didn’t buy it though………….. since it’s only the regular edition.
Then T went to the church for easter thing, and I go to vivo city. There’s a fashion show when I arrived and it’s so crowded. I just went straight to daiso lol. I bought a looot of stuff and mostly are random stuff lol.
Then I went back to the hotel. Then I had dinner with my mom and her friends at a japanese restaurant in bugis junction. I was still craving for roasted pork so I ordered tonkatsu set, even thought it’s not roasted… I took a pic of it, but I somehow can’t find it…………
Then I continued my stupid work later at night in the hotel -_- I bought my laptop there so I could do it. What a pretty sad trip…..

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