April 25, 2014

Manic Panic - Cotton Candy Pink

I’ve been dyeing my hair with manic panic for a few months. I dyed my hair with Manic Panic - Cotton Candy Pink last february for the first time. I bought one online. It’s quite expensive and it’s not a permanent hair dye (which is good for hair, bad for wallet/money/I’m forever broke). But since I like it so I just keep dyeing my hair with it lol. 
Although my hair was already blonde, I still bleached the lower part of my hair to white because I was afraid it won’t be fully pink pink pink pink and will be orangey pink if it’s still yellowish blonde.
It’s said to use gloves when dyeing the hair. I used it, then I think it’s more difficult so I put it off and just dye it with my hand -_- it’s vegan hair dye so I don’t really care……… 
I let it sit on my hair for an hour before I washed the dye. The result wasn’t different when I let it on my hair for 6 hours, or any other length (more than 1).
I dyed my hair ombre style, not all or dip dye. I just like to see color gradiation on stuff~ however it didn’t really show on my hair -_- I kinda messed up the bleaching because I like to see my blonde getting lighter and lighter and I just applied it too high -_-
I still really love the result though~ it’s just so cuteeeeee! I’ve always wanted to dye my hair pink since I saw scene kids on myspace ages ago LOL when I was still in junior high school…..6 or 7 years ago XD a really looooooong time to finally make it comes true LOL. 
The pink was really cute and pretty. However, the pink could appeared different according to the lighting. It could be both soft or a little shocking pink even though it’s supposed to be cotton candy pink lol (not as shocking as my shocking pink jegging though~) and it looks pretty shocking when I wear black t-shirt LOL
under natural light~
inside my classroom~ the pink was soft like cotton candy!
And in another place…….
However the color faded away pretty quickly……… it became softer after the 1st wash, like the color of pink jelly lol. It looks like this….. 
Then the pink would become even softer after the third wash, but still visible. I usually re-dye it after the 4th wash, since it’s sooooo soft already, but still visible. I think it’ll completely washed out after the 5th or 6th wash…..
I’m gonna dye my hair with voodoo blue after the current pink has completely washed out though….. I’m so eager to try a new color! Then I’ll go back to pink, probably the pink cadillac one~

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