April 15, 2014

Farewell Party

I was sooooo busy last week! The farewell party for those activists whom graduate this year was on Saturday and we still had a lot to be done. More people registered than our expectation.
We made bow ties as souvenirs for them. So we had to make even more bow ties! We made 90 bow ties. I made like half of them -_- Sadly I forgot to take pics of the bow ties.
I went home late every day because I have to make this and that. Thankfully some others helped us to make the bow ties and decorations. I just realized that my fat’s very visible around my waist… damn -_-
I also had to make a video of my gen. The result’s pretty different than the videos of other gen. I think mine is the funniest lol. 
I especially bought a new dress for the event! Luckily I still had a little time to buy it lol. The dress code was anything but black and white, so I bought pink! with a little black on it lol.
I had classes from 7am-3pm on Saturday. So I couldn’t really help the rest for the preparation. I arrived at the venue at around 4pm. I set up my laptop for the event. I didn’t really understand about it, thankfully one of my colleagues did LOL.
Then I also made an update for my video since there’s no one from the far away campus on it. Since there’s already one person who’s there, so we recorded it quickly using webcam lol.
Then we still had some things unfinished when several people have come. I used pretty high high heels, and yet I have to move fast. So I just took off them and leave my heels right on that place where there were lots other people and run LOL. Then when I come back they’d make a parody of cinderella LOL.
Then finally the event started. I couldn’t really greet or have a chat with the others since I have to do this and that -_- I was mostly at the back of the stage to control my laptop. I did manage to take some pics though lol.
The last pic was with my seniors whom graduate last year. They’re really scary during the leadership training before I was approved to be an activist and they’re 2 of 3 my role models from their gen. The one wearing tartan shirt right next to me was the one who graduates this year. He’s one of 2 my role models from his gen. Sadly the other one couldn’t attend the party. I really wanna be like them, because they did their job really well yet still fun and stupid at the same time lol (not talking about the girls, I don’t think they’re stupid like the boys lol).
Here’s the pic of my gen during our gen’s performance for the graduates. The song was koisuru fortune cookie by AKB48, but I changed all the lyrics lol. We still did the rice ball dance and during the hey hey hey part.
I did take a lot of pic during the photo shoot session though, since I got nothing left to do lol…. and here’s most of people who came to the party! some people already went home though….. I was at the very back :(
I was so glad that a lot of people come, and I hope they did enjoy it. We work very hard for it and here’s the pic of the PICs (person in charge) of this event! Good job, guys!

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