April 30, 2014


I miss high school
my friends
the places
the food
the teachers
the uniform
even the lessons
and when I came late everyday and the sunlight’s pretty annoying

April 29, 2014

so lost

I haven’t written much lately….. Well I’ve been having mid examination since last week. There’re only two more to go… yay! Although I did pretty bad yesterday lol.
I’ve watched Suburgatory from season 1 till now since last weekend. I just don’t really have anything to watch right now. PLL is on break, himym has finished….. nikita has unexpectedly finished months ago………. and the crazy ones is canceled -_-  I’m currently watching this season’s modern family, the big bang theory, 2 broke girls, once upon a time, trophy wife, melissa and joey….. and extra suburgatory now…. if they’re not suddenly on short break -_-
I’ve also been neglecting whatever I should be doing….. I just have no passion anymore, to do anything…. I don’t have any goal in my life anymore, and I feel so lost ._.

April 28, 2014


I have artificial intelligence mid exam at 3pm today and now is 1pm and I haven’t studied anything yet
I’m just too busy watching suburgatory and playing line cookie run

April 25, 2014

Manic Panic - Cotton Candy Pink

I’ve been dyeing my hair with manic panic for a few months. I dyed my hair with Manic Panic - Cotton Candy Pink last february for the first time. I bought one online. It’s quite expensive and it’s not a permanent hair dye (which is good for hair, bad for wallet/money/I’m forever broke). But since I like it so I just keep dyeing my hair with it lol. 
Although my hair was already blonde, I still bleached the lower part of my hair to white because I was afraid it won’t be fully pink pink pink pink and will be orangey pink if it’s still yellowish blonde.
It’s said to use gloves when dyeing the hair. I used it, then I think it’s more difficult so I put it off and just dye it with my hand -_- it’s vegan hair dye so I don’t really care……… 
I let it sit on my hair for an hour before I washed the dye. The result wasn’t different when I let it on my hair for 6 hours, or any other length (more than 1).
I dyed my hair ombre style, not all or dip dye. I just like to see color gradiation on stuff~ however it didn’t really show on my hair -_- I kinda messed up the bleaching because I like to see my blonde getting lighter and lighter and I just applied it too high -_-
I still really love the result though~ it’s just so cuteeeeee! I’ve always wanted to dye my hair pink since I saw scene kids on myspace ages ago LOL when I was still in junior high school…..6 or 7 years ago XD a really looooooong time to finally make it comes true LOL. 
The pink was really cute and pretty. However, the pink could appeared different according to the lighting. It could be both soft or a little shocking pink even though it’s supposed to be cotton candy pink lol (not as shocking as my shocking pink jegging though~) and it looks pretty shocking when I wear black t-shirt LOL
under natural light~
inside my classroom~ the pink was soft like cotton candy!
And in another place…….
However the color faded away pretty quickly……… it became softer after the 1st wash, like the color of pink jelly lol. It looks like this….. 
Then the pink would become even softer after the third wash, but still visible. I usually re-dye it after the 4th wash, since it’s sooooo soft already, but still visible. I think it’ll completely washed out after the 5th or 6th wash…..
I’m gonna dye my hair with voodoo blue after the current pink has completely washed out though….. I’m so eager to try a new color! Then I’ll go back to pink, probably the pink cadillac one~

Roasted Duck

I was somehow craving for roasted duck last week. So I went to a chinese restaurant with my mom to eat some. We went to May Star at the mall beside my apt. It’s crispy roasted duck or something, It’s so tasty!! yet it’s so expensive -_- It’s forgivable though since it’s really delicious!
Then I bought nasi campur (mixed rice) a few days later at the food court in the mall, to eat another roasted duck on it. The price wasn’t expensive and yet it’s not tasty -_- I may buy their nasi campur again though since it’s not really bad overall.

April 23, 2014

SG - Sunday

I woke up pretty late on Sunday. I went to ion in the afternoon. I was looking for more stuff at daiso over there lol. Then I went to wheelock place to go to borders. Unfortunately it’s moved to jurong which is pretty far away. I had a chat on fb a dayf before with one of 7 people I know from acm icpc last year. They’re NTU students. He told me there’s a new mall in jurong and there’s lots of food lol. I wish I had more time so I could go to that mall lol. Then he told me that two of them are going to intern at microsoft and google in USA!!! OMG they’re just sooo smart and sooo cooool! I wish I had an opportunity like them….. but programming isn’t really my thing…. I still wish that I could work in google at other division but programming though. And one of them was the one whom lost his food coupon during acm icpc and he’s afraid he couldn’t have lunch LOL. I’m still so proud of them!!
So I went to kinokuniya at takashimaya instead. I finally found the 6th book of gallagher girls!!! And I kinda forgot whether I’ve read the 5th book or not…. but I think I have -_-
Then I went to plaza singapura. Well…. another daiso actually LOL. There’s lots of stuff that’s not available in other daiso stores….. So I bought quite a lot from there lol.
Then I went to bugis+ to watch kuroshitsuji the movie!!! I watched it alone, even though the cinema was almost full….. but it’s okay though lol. However, the story….. is pretty much like most of japanese crime story…. and they’re pretty brave to make ciel as a girl….. which I found kinda annoying….. I still like the manga much better….
Then I bought 5 egg balls at bugis junction lol. 2 pizza flavored, 2 original and 1 chocolate. Unfortunately they aren’t that good after a day…. I still have most of them…. I wish I ate them as soon as I buy them -_-
Then I went to vivo city to meet my mom and her friends. They were at cotton on. I bought 5 pairs of shoes/sandals there lol.
Then I went to the nook with T. I finally got to eat their pizza! I ordered the 4 cheese pizza.
Then we went to another restaurant nearby. There’s a staff who looks like our high school math teacher. Unfortunately he wasn’t there, so I just went back to the hotel.
I went back to my country on monday morning. It’s a pretty nice getaway for a busy life of mine………..

SG - Saturday

I went to sg last weekend. Another short run away trip lol. I went there with my mom and her friends, but I don’t really go out with them. 
I bought a lot of stuff from daiso again. And also 5 pairs of shoes and sandals lol. I didn’t get to buy milky way chocolates though :(
I didn’t sleep the night before so I drink an energy drink to keep me awake for the day. Coffee is just not effective for me.
I went to Ma Maison at Clarke Quay with T for lunch. I really wanted to eat their pancakes, yet it’s not available there -_- Unfortunately it’s only available at ma maison in bugis+ -_- So I had omurice instead.
Then we went to liang court. There’s lots of japanese stuff in that mall, but not the ones I imagined. So I ended up buying these instead (crunchie, twix, mars excluded).
Then we went to marina square to go to vhm. I found sexy second there! I didn’t buy it though………….. since it’s only the regular edition.
Then T went to the church for easter thing, and I go to vivo city. There’s a fashion show when I arrived and it’s so crowded. I just went straight to daiso lol. I bought a looot of stuff and mostly are random stuff lol.
Then I went back to the hotel. Then I had dinner with my mom and her friends at a japanese restaurant in bugis junction. I was still craving for roasted pork so I ordered tonkatsu set, even thought it’s not roasted… I took a pic of it, but I somehow can’t find it…………
Then I continued my stupid work later at night in the hotel -_- I bought my laptop there so I could do it. What a pretty sad trip…..

April 19, 2014

sg sg

I’m going to sg for the second time this year today!! I have to go to the airport at 5am and it’s already 12am….. whatever lol.
My mom and her two friends are going there and my mom asked me if I wanna join them. Since I was craving for egg balls so I decide to join them lol. I’ll meet T for lunch at dhoby ghaut station to go to Ma Maison at clarke quay. I wanna eat the pancakes as soon as possible!!!! I’ve been craving for pancakes since yesterday lol.
I wanna go to daiso too~! I think I’ll just go there alone since I’ll definitely take a loooooooong time at daiso LOL. I just can’t wait till my friend who’s currently in USA to come back to my country and we’ll wander around at daiso in my country and adore random stuff together LOL.

April 16, 2014

shirokuma hoodie

I’ve been following a lot of online stores on instagram lately. And the latest thing I bought is a panda hoodie!! and it’s a character from shirokuma anime! I’ve never watched it though, but I really like the hoodie because it’s so cute lol. I just bought the black winged hoodie a while ago though, so I feel super extravagant(?).
and I just realized my mirror is super dirty after taking this pic LOL.
I ordered the size M because the L isn’t available anymore. I bought the size L for the winged hoodie and it’s too huge for me so I resize it. I intentionally bought the L one so the sleeves would be long. And this M size one……. the sleeves aren’t long enough, they don’t cover my (half) of my fingers. They reach my wrist though, but when I move around, they’d get higher than my wrist and it’s so annoying -_- 

April 15, 2014

Farewell Party

I was sooooo busy last week! The farewell party for those activists whom graduate this year was on Saturday and we still had a lot to be done. More people registered than our expectation.
We made bow ties as souvenirs for them. So we had to make even more bow ties! We made 90 bow ties. I made like half of them -_- Sadly I forgot to take pics of the bow ties.
I went home late every day because I have to make this and that. Thankfully some others helped us to make the bow ties and decorations. I just realized that my fat’s very visible around my waist… damn -_-
I also had to make a video of my gen. The result’s pretty different than the videos of other gen. I think mine is the funniest lol. 
I especially bought a new dress for the event! Luckily I still had a little time to buy it lol. The dress code was anything but black and white, so I bought pink! with a little black on it lol.
I had classes from 7am-3pm on Saturday. So I couldn’t really help the rest for the preparation. I arrived at the venue at around 4pm. I set up my laptop for the event. I didn’t really understand about it, thankfully one of my colleagues did LOL.
Then I also made an update for my video since there’s no one from the far away campus on it. Since there’s already one person who’s there, so we recorded it quickly using webcam lol.
Then we still had some things unfinished when several people have come. I used pretty high high heels, and yet I have to move fast. So I just took off them and leave my heels right on that place where there were lots other people and run LOL. Then when I come back they’d make a parody of cinderella LOL.
Then finally the event started. I couldn’t really greet or have a chat with the others since I have to do this and that -_- I was mostly at the back of the stage to control my laptop. I did manage to take some pics though lol.
The last pic was with my seniors whom graduate last year. They’re really scary during the leadership training before I was approved to be an activist and they’re 2 of 3 my role models from their gen. The one wearing tartan shirt right next to me was the one who graduates this year. He’s one of 2 my role models from his gen. Sadly the other one couldn’t attend the party. I really wanna be like them, because they did their job really well yet still fun and stupid at the same time lol (not talking about the girls, I don’t think they’re stupid like the boys lol).
Here’s the pic of my gen during our gen’s performance for the graduates. The song was koisuru fortune cookie by AKB48, but I changed all the lyrics lol. We still did the rice ball dance and during the hey hey hey part.
I did take a lot of pic during the photo shoot session though, since I got nothing left to do lol…. and here’s most of people who came to the party! some people already went home though….. I was at the very back :(
I was so glad that a lot of people come, and I hope they did enjoy it. We work very hard for it and here’s the pic of the PICs (person in charge) of this event! Good job, guys!

April 1, 2014

Toy Story

I was watching toy story on tv then I fell asleep. Then I woke up and it’s already the part when Andy was giving his toys to the little girls. I cried right after I wake up because of toy story. I feel somewhat stupid.