March 22, 2014

this week

I’ve been so busy that I don’t even have time to blog -_- I did sometimes, but I’m so tired thus too lazy to update it.
I didn’t have class last Monday. So I and my colleagues went to a traditional market to survey some things for the farewell event. We went there by transjakarta. The two guys were pretty grumpy. Then I went home directly after having lunch over there.
I don’t really remember what I did last Tuesday. But I do remember that I was designing the farewell poster at night at the 24h convenience store.
Then I went to another market last Wednesday to buy fabrics for making bow ties. I went there only with one senior and luckily a girl. So no one was grumpy and annoying like the last time. The surveying/shopping was more enjoyable than the last time. A lesson learned: don’t invite boys to shop. Then we went to the campus afterwards. I taught my senior to make a bow tie. Here’s my hand made bow tie! LOL
Then I watched seishuun girls at JKT48 theater last Thursday! I watched it along with my (ex)colleague whom just recently graduated. She’s one of the closest colleagues I’ve had. I think I should call her my friend now LOL.
Then I had a meeting yesterday, then held an MC audition for the farewell party. I had an evening class as well. I hate a class that starts at 5pm and end at 7pm -_-
Then I had classes from 7am-3pm today. But I slept in so I just go to the 1pm-3pm class -_- I wish I didn’t have any class on Saturday just like the last term ._.
Then I went to a restaurant with my mom to have dinner. We went to Cut The Crab. It’s my first time going there. I crushed my crabs as hard as I could. It’s pretty much a stress reliever LOL. The restaurant itself was pretty unique. The food wasn’t served on a plate, but on a paper instead (which is a pretty good idea else I wouldn’t be able to hit the crab that hard LOL).

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