March 8, 2014

surprise surprise

I had computer networking class today. I was planning to choose the computer networking streaming next term. I like the lesson and I’ve always wanted to learn since I was a 10yo or so. I didn’t know that it has lots and difficult math lessons. Now I’m not so sure anymore. Yet I’m not interested with any other streaming available. I’m so fucked up. 
I tried my best to not get distracted at class either so I could really study in the class. Luckily and sadly no one really talked to me in the class today. Even the classmates who usually talked/distracted me in the class. They didn’t even ask me to go to the canteen with them during recess. Whatever. Then I met them again when I was talking with B about an event. He’s asking me to be either the treasurer or secretary of the event. Then they called my name and I just wave to them. I was too nice to wave at them. I shouldn’t. Normally I’d automatically approach them even when I was talking with my colleagues. But I was talking about somewhat serious thing so I automatically didn’t. Why the hell did they call me at that time? Meanwhile they didn’t even talk to me in the class at all. I kinda have no friends at class since this new term started ._. 

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