March 14, 2014


Well….. I’m tired. I had a survey for the farewell event last Tuesday. It was raining so hard so it’s postponed for about 2 hours. So the place was good. We’re gonna make it to be a standing party. I just hope that people won’t be so stupid that they think we don’t provide enough chairs for them -_-
Then I went home in the afternoon. Right after the survey ended. Around 30min after I got home, my colleague texted me saying that there’d be a meeting on 7pm. So I had to go back to the campus at night -_- I thought there’d be traffic jam at that time, but there’s none! So I arrived early. I just waited in my car listening to sexy zone’s songs until almost 7pm. Then I went inside the campus to the meeting point. Yet no one was there. They’re just late as always.
Finally after everyone’s there, the meeting started. It’s about choosing the coordinators for each event. I hate that whenever I asked about the coordinators for the event I’m handling, the leader just didn’t really answer it. He always answered it vaguely. I didn’t really wanna bother him either because he’s pretty stressed out already. So we had to make decisions at that time. We barely know anyone from the new activists. I know some, but I don’t know most of their names. So we just kinda wrote down the names we know. Yet we didn’t get them in the end, as other events already “booked” them. We just gave them up even though our event will be held first -_- The other events had decided the coordinators since some time ago. We’re just so late. We’re told late either. I hate this -_- We had to leave even though we haven’t finished the meeting. So we continued it the next day, it’s only for the event I’m handling though as other events already got all of their coordinators.
Then we had another meeting the next day. We’ve got all the names. But the leader decided to hold another survey, so we’d somewhat know what these candidates want.
So the survey ended yesterday. We finally got names. It’s still not fixed yet. I fuckin hate this. Why can’t u just fix it….. seriously -_- 
I just hate that there’s this one colleague that somewhat we’ve always got the same work to handle/do/work/whatever/I hate this. I just hate him. He made me cry last year. And this year too. It’s not because he bullied me or whatever. I just often got angry of whatever he said, and I can’t tell anyone about it. I had to keep it on my own. I get stressed out. Then I just cried. This is just so stupid -_-

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