March 23, 2014

new boots

I have a new hobby, seeing/looking/stalking online shops on instagram LOL. Then I found this cute handmade shoes shop, and we could order the design of the shoes whatever we want. The shop also has a project called project alice and has different ig account. I checked the acc and it sells super cute boots! It’s like doc martens’ boots but in a cute way~ I fell in love with it at the first sight, so I bought it! well my mom bought it for me LOL. She was at a mall a few days ago and send me a pic of transparent jelly boots that she though I might like, and I didn’t. Here’s the pic that was taken by my mom.
And here’s the pic of the boots I bought on IG! It arrived really fast!!
and I wore it when going to the JKT48 theater for the first time LOL
I wore it again to go to campus and cut the crab yesterday. I really love it. Even one of my colleagues said it’s cool! LOL

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