March 25, 2014

I don’t care anymore

For the first time in forever (to me) I don’t go to campus because I slept in. I kinda did last Saturday but I actually wake up on time. However I was so tired so I decide to just stay at home. I actually have to submit an assignment today. I’m just so glad that my classmate would print it out and submit it for me. Thanks, A!
However I’ve kinda reached the point that I have no friends in class -_- I do but….. I don’t really have one to talk to right now. No one even saved a seat for me yesterday than I end up sitting beside the weird dudes. It’s actually an advantage though since no one would disturb me during the lesson. So I don’t really mind having no friends at all. Even though I’m kinda sad that they chose him over me. Whatever. Thanks to him my life is miserable now.
I just don’t care anymore. And for you, I won’t ever talk to you ever again.

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