March 30, 2014


We finally held a meeting with the coordinators two days ago! I went pretty well. One couldn’t come because he’s sick, and two had to leave early. It’s ok though. They still don’t talk that much to each other but it’s pretty normal since it’s their first meting with each other (for some of them). I took care the promotion and design and documentation divisions. The dnd coor is soooo quiet. I did joke a few times and it’s so relieving to see him laughing with the others lol. Meanwhile the promotion coor is pretty talkative already. 
The most exciting part is, when this particular person suddenly appeared! So I saw a boy during the 1st event that I attended when I was a freshman and it was held by the student org. I saw him sitting on the stairs, and he’s one of the handsome boys in my generation LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. I only know 2 handsome guys in my gen and the handsome and cute guys are just super rare in my uni -_-. One is another activist and the other one is him. I’ve never talked to him at all, and I’ve only seen him several times. I’m not good at remembering people’s names and faces. But his face is so johnny’s like so I remember him very well LOL.
I tried my best to not over smile like a creep and laugh when I saw him during the meeting. He sat at the table next to mine AND I WAS SOOOO DELIGHTED LOL. It’s just so funny since I didn’t expect to see him that fast since I just found his fb the day before LOL. So some of my colleagues apparently know him and tagged him in photos. I finally know his name after more than a year since I saw him lol. Then I showed his pic to T whom I always told her whenever I see him. Finally she could see his face too lol. She told me he looks like the drunk ver of hokuto so we called him drunk hokuto so no one would know if someone’s ever peek my chat with T -_- I’ve only seen him on the stairs at that freshman event, at the NC new members event, near the crepe booth, in front of a classroom during examination, the parking building, before a briefing for streaming and the last was when he sat at the table next to mine and I could see him clearly from a not really far distance LOLOLOLLLLLLLL.
So he got there alone. Then he plugged his earphones and eat french fries or something and the drink was coca cola. I tried my best to glance at him a few times. If I kept looking at him, I’m pretty sure my colleagues would caught me looking at him -_- Then his friend came but they didn’t talk much either. Then the meeting ended and the coordinators leave first. I asked the others to stay to talk about the proposal. BUT I ACTUALLY JUST WANNA SIT THERE AND SEE HIM FROM A REASONABLE DISTANCE LOL. Even when we got nothing more to talk to I just keep adding more and more LOL even my colleagues was pretty done with me because I kept talking lol. Then he went inside a classroom with his friends and I lose interest to be there anymore so I told the others to end the meeting. And my reason was to study for the quiz that I’d have next, like 20min after the meeting. Then they kinda revenged me on keep talking and not letting me to go to my classroom lol. Then the drunk hokuto went outside and it seems their class was moved to another room.
I was and still am so happy since I rarely see him since my campus has so fucking many students -_- Love at first sight? probably yes. I don’t expect anything at all though since my love life is just so terrible I’d rather see my crush from far away -_- I heard his voice once and it’s………..funny LOL.

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