March 26, 2014

busy sleepy

I have an assignment and I have to have SQL Server Management Studio to be able to do it. I downloaded it and I can’t install it. What a waste of time -_-
There’s seriously a lot of projects and assignments recently -_- My life’s been kept busy by those and student org stuff. I could rarely tumblr, or doing nothing. I miss doing nothing and get bored because I had nothing to do :/
Then this one person I dislike in the class didn’t come yesterday. I was just so happy that he’s not there so I could sit near my friends(kinda). I started to grow apart with them since they hang out a lot with this person because I don’t wanna near this person. He did something that I just can’t tolerate and I decide to kick him the fuck out of my life. I’d rather have no friends to talk in class rather than being near this person -_-
There’s also clearance sale by iBox in my uni for 3 days only. Apparently people who’s bought the stuffs of the clearance sale said that their stuffs can’t be used/has broken in less than 24h -_- So lots of people got angry and the rumour said they even file this issue to the police. I’m just so lucky that I haven’t bought anything. I actually wanted to buy an iPod for my little cousin because it’s only around USD 44.
I still wanna tumblr but I’m already sleepy now ._.

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