March 30, 2014


We finally held a meeting with the coordinators two days ago! I went pretty well. One couldn’t come because he’s sick, and two had to leave early. It’s ok though. They still don’t talk that much to each other but it’s pretty normal since it’s their first meting with each other (for some of them). I took care the promotion and design and documentation divisions. The dnd coor is soooo quiet. I did joke a few times and it’s so relieving to see him laughing with the others lol. Meanwhile the promotion coor is pretty talkative already. 
The most exciting part is, when this particular person suddenly appeared! So I saw a boy during the 1st event that I attended when I was a freshman and it was held by the student org. I saw him sitting on the stairs, and he’s one of the handsome boys in my generation LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. I only know 2 handsome guys in my gen and the handsome and cute guys are just super rare in my uni -_-. One is another activist and the other one is him. I’ve never talked to him at all, and I’ve only seen him several times. I’m not good at remembering people’s names and faces. But his face is so johnny’s like so I remember him very well LOL.
I tried my best to not over smile like a creep and laugh when I saw him during the meeting. He sat at the table next to mine AND I WAS SOOOO DELIGHTED LOL. It’s just so funny since I didn’t expect to see him that fast since I just found his fb the day before LOL. So some of my colleagues apparently know him and tagged him in photos. I finally know his name after more than a year since I saw him lol. Then I showed his pic to T whom I always told her whenever I see him. Finally she could see his face too lol. She told me he looks like the drunk ver of hokuto so we called him drunk hokuto so no one would know if someone’s ever peek my chat with T -_- I’ve only seen him on the stairs at that freshman event, at the NC new members event, near the crepe booth, in front of a classroom during examination, the parking building, before a briefing for streaming and the last was when he sat at the table next to mine and I could see him clearly from a not really far distance LOLOLOLLLLLLLL.
So he got there alone. Then he plugged his earphones and eat french fries or something and the drink was coca cola. I tried my best to glance at him a few times. If I kept looking at him, I’m pretty sure my colleagues would caught me looking at him -_- Then his friend came but they didn’t talk much either. Then the meeting ended and the coordinators leave first. I asked the others to stay to talk about the proposal. BUT I ACTUALLY JUST WANNA SIT THERE AND SEE HIM FROM A REASONABLE DISTANCE LOL. Even when we got nothing more to talk to I just keep adding more and more LOL even my colleagues was pretty done with me because I kept talking lol. Then he went inside a classroom with his friends and I lose interest to be there anymore so I told the others to end the meeting. And my reason was to study for the quiz that I’d have next, like 20min after the meeting. Then they kinda revenged me on keep talking and not letting me to go to my classroom lol. Then the drunk hokuto went outside and it seems their class was moved to another room.
I was and still am so happy since I rarely see him since my campus has so fucking many students -_- Love at first sight? probably yes. I don’t expect anything at all though since my love life is just so terrible I’d rather see my crush from far away -_- I heard his voice once and it’s………..funny LOL.

March 26, 2014

busy sleepy

I have an assignment and I have to have SQL Server Management Studio to be able to do it. I downloaded it and I can’t install it. What a waste of time -_-
There’s seriously a lot of projects and assignments recently -_- My life’s been kept busy by those and student org stuff. I could rarely tumblr, or doing nothing. I miss doing nothing and get bored because I had nothing to do :/
Then this one person I dislike in the class didn’t come yesterday. I was just so happy that he’s not there so I could sit near my friends(kinda). I started to grow apart with them since they hang out a lot with this person because I don’t wanna near this person. He did something that I just can’t tolerate and I decide to kick him the fuck out of my life. I’d rather have no friends to talk in class rather than being near this person -_-
There’s also clearance sale by iBox in my uni for 3 days only. Apparently people who’s bought the stuffs of the clearance sale said that their stuffs can’t be used/has broken in less than 24h -_- So lots of people got angry and the rumour said they even file this issue to the police. I’m just so lucky that I haven’t bought anything. I actually wanted to buy an iPod for my little cousin because it’s only around USD 44.
I still wanna tumblr but I’m already sleepy now ._.

March 25, 2014

I don’t care anymore

For the first time in forever (to me) I don’t go to campus because I slept in. I kinda did last Saturday but I actually wake up on time. However I was so tired so I decide to just stay at home. I actually have to submit an assignment today. I’m just so glad that my classmate would print it out and submit it for me. Thanks, A!
However I’ve kinda reached the point that I have no friends in class -_- I do but….. I don’t really have one to talk to right now. No one even saved a seat for me yesterday than I end up sitting beside the weird dudes. It’s actually an advantage though since no one would disturb me during the lesson. So I don’t really mind having no friends at all. Even though I’m kinda sad that they chose him over me. Whatever. Thanks to him my life is miserable now.
I just don’t care anymore. And for you, I won’t ever talk to you ever again.

March 24, 2014


Happy birthday to my dearest grandmother!!!!!!
I love you sooooooo muuuuuchhhh and please live long, happy and healthy :3

March 23, 2014

new boots

I have a new hobby, seeing/looking/stalking online shops on instagram LOL. Then I found this cute handmade shoes shop, and we could order the design of the shoes whatever we want. The shop also has a project called project alice and has different ig account. I checked the acc and it sells super cute boots! It’s like doc martens’ boots but in a cute way~ I fell in love with it at the first sight, so I bought it! well my mom bought it for me LOL. She was at a mall a few days ago and send me a pic of transparent jelly boots that she though I might like, and I didn’t. Here’s the pic that was taken by my mom.
And here’s the pic of the boots I bought on IG! It arrived really fast!!
and I wore it when going to the JKT48 theater for the first time LOL
I wore it again to go to campus and cut the crab yesterday. I really love it. Even one of my colleagues said it’s cool! LOL

March 22, 2014

this week

I’ve been so busy that I don’t even have time to blog -_- I did sometimes, but I’m so tired thus too lazy to update it.
I didn’t have class last Monday. So I and my colleagues went to a traditional market to survey some things for the farewell event. We went there by transjakarta. The two guys were pretty grumpy. Then I went home directly after having lunch over there.
I don’t really remember what I did last Tuesday. But I do remember that I was designing the farewell poster at night at the 24h convenience store.
Then I went to another market last Wednesday to buy fabrics for making bow ties. I went there only with one senior and luckily a girl. So no one was grumpy and annoying like the last time. The surveying/shopping was more enjoyable than the last time. A lesson learned: don’t invite boys to shop. Then we went to the campus afterwards. I taught my senior to make a bow tie. Here’s my hand made bow tie! LOL
Then I watched seishuun girls at JKT48 theater last Thursday! I watched it along with my (ex)colleague whom just recently graduated. She’s one of the closest colleagues I’ve had. I think I should call her my friend now LOL.
Then I had a meeting yesterday, then held an MC audition for the farewell party. I had an evening class as well. I hate a class that starts at 5pm and end at 7pm -_-
Then I had classes from 7am-3pm today. But I slept in so I just go to the 1pm-3pm class -_- I wish I didn’t have any class on Saturday just like the last term ._.
Then I went to a restaurant with my mom to have dinner. We went to Cut The Crab. It’s my first time going there. I crushed my crabs as hard as I could. It’s pretty much a stress reliever LOL. The restaurant itself was pretty unique. The food wasn’t served on a plate, but on a paper instead (which is a pretty good idea else I wouldn’t be able to hit the crab that hard LOL).

March 20, 2014

busy as hell

I’ve been really busy lately that I didn’t even have time to update my blog -_- and I’m already sleepy. I spent moat of my time at the campus lately, leaving my lovely dog behind for hours. I wish I just could go home and relaxing and do nothing at the apt. 
I went to pasar baroe yesterday to buy fabrics. I have to make a lot of bow ties. And probably a lot of decorations for the farewell party of those who graduate this year.
I just can’t believe how fast the time flew. It’s already been more than a year since I joined the student org and now some of my seniors are graduating.
I also went to asemka last saturday to buy bow ties and bow hair clips. They’re gonna be used as souvenirs for the farewell party. I only bought the hair clips at the end, since I don’t find the store that sells bow ties. Then I told the others to just make the bow ties on our own. It’ll reduce the cost a loooooot.
I’m so sleepy I don’t know what to tell you anymore. I’m reading anne frank’s journal. I wish I gave you a name when I started writing on you, my blog. LOL

March 14, 2014


Well….. I’m tired. I had a survey for the farewell event last Tuesday. It was raining so hard so it’s postponed for about 2 hours. So the place was good. We’re gonna make it to be a standing party. I just hope that people won’t be so stupid that they think we don’t provide enough chairs for them -_-
Then I went home in the afternoon. Right after the survey ended. Around 30min after I got home, my colleague texted me saying that there’d be a meeting on 7pm. So I had to go back to the campus at night -_- I thought there’d be traffic jam at that time, but there’s none! So I arrived early. I just waited in my car listening to sexy zone’s songs until almost 7pm. Then I went inside the campus to the meeting point. Yet no one was there. They’re just late as always.
Finally after everyone’s there, the meeting started. It’s about choosing the coordinators for each event. I hate that whenever I asked about the coordinators for the event I’m handling, the leader just didn’t really answer it. He always answered it vaguely. I didn’t really wanna bother him either because he’s pretty stressed out already. So we had to make decisions at that time. We barely know anyone from the new activists. I know some, but I don’t know most of their names. So we just kinda wrote down the names we know. Yet we didn’t get them in the end, as other events already “booked” them. We just gave them up even though our event will be held first -_- The other events had decided the coordinators since some time ago. We’re just so late. We’re told late either. I hate this -_- We had to leave even though we haven’t finished the meeting. So we continued it the next day, it’s only for the event I’m handling though as other events already got all of their coordinators.
Then we had another meeting the next day. We’ve got all the names. But the leader decided to hold another survey, so we’d somewhat know what these candidates want.
So the survey ended yesterday. We finally got names. It’s still not fixed yet. I fuckin hate this. Why can’t u just fix it….. seriously -_- 
I just hate that there’s this one colleague that somewhat we’ve always got the same work to handle/do/work/whatever/I hate this. I just hate him. He made me cry last year. And this year too. It’s not because he bullied me or whatever. I just often got angry of whatever he said, and I can’t tell anyone about it. I had to keep it on my own. I get stressed out. Then I just cried. This is just so stupid -_-

March 13, 2014


You’re officially an adult now, and I’ll be one soon too…… hopefully we’ll still look young even though we’re old LOL

March 10, 2014


I’m really really reallyyyyyy sleepy! I only slept for 3 or 4 hours last night. I just couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about everything, my life, my friends, the event, homeworks….. 
We (my colleagues & I) agreed to meet at the uni lounge at 9am to make the event proposal. But it was raining so everyone was late. I was late for 15min but I still get there first -_- It turned out that the lounge was used for an official meeting so I just go to the student org booth to wait for the others -_-
Some of them finally showed up. Then we started making the proposal. I had a networking class at 11am so I leave them first. We planned to continue at 5pm. But somehow they just went home so I go home too -_-
I went to a tailor first to get my winged hoodie resized to be smaller since it’s really oversized! I ordered it one size larger than mine in purpose so the arm won’t be too short. Then it turned out to be two size larger for me -_- I thought M would fit me so I ordered L which turns out really big. But I’m just glad I didn’t order S or M else the arms would be too short ._.
I’ve been sleepy for a whole day and yet I didn’t even take a nap ._, it’s almost 1am and now I’m eating -_-


I just remembered I wanna write about this. It’s a song from sexy second by sexy zone. But I just wanna say it to myself as I got promoted to be a treasurer of an event this year.
So a colleague whom a head of an event this year asked me to be the treasurer for the event. I honestly kinda rejected him at first since I just wanna be lazy this year and bored doing events but I told him to convince me to join him. He himself just got appointed like a week before and his face was so confused as he’s convincing me lol. I kinda pitied him and he’s been helping me quite a lot last year and not being such a pain in the ass like other colleagues so perhaps it’s okay to help him this year.
I missed the last episode of shokura but I still manage to watch the last song and it was sexy zone singing congratulations. I just felt they did congratulate me LOL.

March 8, 2014


my internet connection is back!!! I totally lost it 2 days ago -_-
I got pretty good GPA last term so I won’t get kicked out from the student org LOL. And I’ve been really busy with the student org stuff. I tried my best to stay focus in class though. I was busy when I was a coor last year and get distracted a lot in class. But I’m trying my best to forget any student org stuff when I’m in class now even though I’m twice as busy as last year -_- I just wanna scream because there’s seriously so much things I have to do -_- I even stopped blogging last year because I was busy.


Udah pasang alarm jam 11 dan ternyata ada rapat jam 11 :’(

surprise surprise

I had computer networking class today. I was planning to choose the computer networking streaming next term. I like the lesson and I’ve always wanted to learn since I was a 10yo or so. I didn’t know that it has lots and difficult math lessons. Now I’m not so sure anymore. Yet I’m not interested with any other streaming available. I’m so fucked up. 
I tried my best to not get distracted at class either so I could really study in the class. Luckily and sadly no one really talked to me in the class today. Even the classmates who usually talked/distracted me in the class. They didn’t even ask me to go to the canteen with them during recess. Whatever. Then I met them again when I was talking with B about an event. He’s asking me to be either the treasurer or secretary of the event. Then they called my name and I just wave to them. I was too nice to wave at them. I shouldn’t. Normally I’d automatically approach them even when I was talking with my colleagues. But I was talking about somewhat serious thing so I automatically didn’t. Why the hell did they call me at that time? Meanwhile they didn’t even talk to me in the class at all. I kinda have no friends at class since this new term started ._. 


Omg I hate headache. The sore throat has been better but my head hurts so bad -_- my voice has been really weird since yesterday. I decided to not go to the campus today. I think I can’t join the survey and meeting tomorrow either…

pink peacock

I just finished drawing a pink peacock. But it turns out so ugly and something’s not right….. then I realized that I drew the butt wrong lol. I’m just gonna fix it later at night since my fingers are sore already ._.


my internet connection has been super slow and I just can’t take it anymore. I just drew something so I could stop getting mad at the internet. What the fuck is happening to you internet ugh


The fault in our stars was sad, but I cried even harder when reading the last chapter of vampire knight………