February 1, 2014

xin jia po

After talking to T, I decided to go to SG LOL. i wasn’t sure what to do over there then she told me about places and I’m interested (because mostly are places that sell food lol). So I’m going to singapore on 17th-18th this month. I wanted to go on 18th and be back on the same day, but T & I might walk a lot and rushing to go all the places in one day, we’ll probably get bad mood. So I decided to extend it to be 2 days trip so we won’t have to rush. I wanted to pay it on my own, but when I ask my mom for permission, she said she’s gonna pay for me instead lol. I’m sooooo happy thanks mom~! \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/
I can’t wait to eat green tea tiramissu which I’ve been craving for years! lol
The last time I went to sg, it was sold out. I found Patiscream in bangkok last year but it was late already and the store’s already closing -_-

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