February 12, 2014


oh my oh my I seriously didn't predict that the questions will be like those ._. I could only do the marketing mix question because I've learned it since high school and it's the 4p one not the 7p one so I didn't remember what the other 3 ps are, I'm not sure for the rest of my answers for the other questions at all -_-

I could do the case study though LOL. But I got lazy after writing too much for the first number so I just wrote somewhat short answers lol. I've never been that happy after an exam lol even though I screwed up the essay part -_-

and I've given up for tomorrow's exam. My mid term exam score for calculus was 13 or 14 or 10s something /100 -_- There's no way I could get 80++ either tomorrow. Even if I get 80s something, I'll only get D -_-

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