February 26, 2014


my dash is so dark today…. I think I need to follow more cheerful blogs but I’ve followed too many blogs….. and I still can’t upload pics to text post…….
and I finally followed the liveblog of unpacked event last night from gizmodo. The event itself was a bit late so I was kinda confused. Then I fell asleep after a few minutes and even dream a little. Then I half woke up and I was confused again because everything’s dark and I could see only a dim light (which was my phone’s screen light). Then I panicked. I thought I was going blind because I was running on my dream. Then I remembered the lamp wasn’t turned on so it’s obviously dark. I felt so stupid -_- I fully woke up after I accidentally hit my phone to the wall. OMG I was so so so so sooooooo stupid -_- 

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