February 19, 2014

still monday

I went home yesterday night and I’m still so tired ._.
I slept for a few hours on monday afternoon in the hotel. Then I woke up and go to haji lane with T. There were cute stores there but not really suit my type. I think my mom would like them more than me. Then we went to arab street besides the haji lane, and go to this cute cafe that has hostel at the top of it. I ate a strawberry shortcake ice cream sandwich there and it’s yummy!
I also love the cafe because it has free wifi over there LOL. We went to nook afterwards to have dinner. T said the pizza’s delicious so I’d like to try it. Unfortunately the pizza wasn’t available. So we went to bugis+ to eat pancakes at aloha ma maison.
It was deliciouuuuus~! And I was so full because I had to eat all of 5 pancakes on my own LOL. I love the combination of pancakes and whipped cream <3
Then I went back to the hotel. I went to seven eleven on the way to the hotel to get some night snacks lol. So I bought cheetos and this snack that both are not available in my country.

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