February 17, 2014


I’m so sleeeeepy!
I couldn’t sleep last night because of headache. I couldn’t sleep on the plane either because the person next to me was talking all the time to her friends. They just wouldn’t shut up and thanks to them now I know the youngest son of that person’s currently studying in Germany and get lonely easily -_- After they finally finished speaking, I still can’t sleep because the temperature’s getting colder -_-
Then I arrived. I met T at orchard. I rode the train from the airport to the city for the first time. I used to ride a taxi to get into the city. Actually we’re planning to meet at the airport and go to the city together. But my flight was kinda delayed because there were somehow lots of people queuing on the immigration check point. But she predicted wrongly and was still at home by the time I arrive.
I wanted to eat green tea tiramissu but apparently the shop isn’t there anymore -_- So we had lunch on a Japanese restaurant and I order special katsudon or something which was expensive and delicious but not as yummy as I thought.
Then we went to T’s place and I kinda invade her bed to sleep because I was sooool sleepy! Then she woke me up by the time she has to go to her classes. So I went to the hotel I’ve booked. Here I am now using free wifi, sleepy, and gonna sleep again till her class finish then we’ll have pizza for dinners yay! I’ve been craving for pizza since yesterday lol.

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