February 6, 2014


I won’t be staying over at T’s place in SG. She said someone’s moving in tomorrow o.O So I was looking for a hotel for me to stay there and it’s sooooo not easy. There’s this cute hostel called wink hostel and it’s really really really cuuuuteeeee and I wanna stay there, but my mom won’t let me. She wants me to stay at a hotel instead…. whatever -_- It’s only a place to sleep anyway. And T’s going to stay over with me yayyyyyyy! My mom told me to have her stay over at the hotel…..
We’re gonna do gourmet tour and I asked her to take me to merlion because I’ve never taken a picture with merlion even once although I’ve been to SG for a few times LOL. I wonder if the money I’m gonna bring there will be enough….. I’ve started to saving for SG… so I hope I won’t cashless there LOL
I’ve been skype-ing with her and we took selfies together with fido LOL
and I’ve been wearing my glasses a lot lately and now my ears hurt -_- I used the hello kitty circle lenses today and it dries out pretty fast so I took it off as soon as I got home. I thought I was gonna sleep right after I got home since I didn’t sleep the night before……but I still haven’t slept yet -_-

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