February 22, 2014

saturday shopping

I went to mangga dua today! I went there with my mom. We went to my uncle's store. He sells computers and stuffs. My mom bought me a graphic tablet! Yay! I've wanted one since a few years ago, but I wasn't sure I'd use it frequently. Then I saw a tumblr user just bought one and I was thinking to get one as well. I decided that I don't wanna design or draw or whatsoever ever since I graduate from high school. Then I got pretty stressed out last final examination and I draw to relieve the stress -_- So I just decided to buy one then. It's the small Intuos Creative Pen & Touch Tablet by Wacom!
Then my mom and I also bought these for our macs! Mine are the pink ones and my mom's is the blue one.
So here's my macbook now LOL it's so cute so pinky lol

Then we went to GI. We had dinner at CoCo Ichibanya Curry House! I didn't order the omurice one this time because I wanna try other menu. I ordered the minced beef cutlet mixed with cheese level 2 curry with 150g rice LOL I'm amazed that I still remember it LOL.
It's pretty spicy so I bought an ice cream at Ron's Laboratory. I bought The Breakfast which consists of nutella and corn flakes and IT WAS DELICIOUS! It's my second visit to Ron's Laboratory. I bought the darth vader on my first visit and it was so bitter because it's dark chocolate ice cream -_-

Then we went to kinokuniya bookstore. After seeing it a few times in the book store since last year and lots of time on tumblr, I decided to buy The Fault in Our Stars! It's not really my genre but I'm curious anyway. I wish I could finish it before the movie's aired at the cinema!
I also checked the japanese magazines corner. There's only one magazine with sexy zone on the cover. Most of the covers were kisumai. The magazine's getting more expensive!! I used to buy them a lot when it was cheaper (yet still expensive -_-).
I still couldn't upload pics to the text post on tumblr so I'm writing this down on blogger first -_-

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