February 3, 2014

pretty scary

I had a nightmare last night and it’s pretty scary. There’s that angel of death who wore black rope and bring a slayer. I don’t really remember about it but he’s like being there and wanna slay me and I told him don’t so he didn’t do it. Then I was still alive and move to the next scene and I was gonna watch JKT48 theater but I got stuck with a stranger’s home and her baby and I have to help her because it’s flooding. Then her husband finally went home so I could go to the theater but I don’t know what happened there and I ended up in an amusement park. Then I somehow got a boyfriend and he’s a model and there’s this runway fashion show and he owes me that he could work for that show because of me. Then I somehow have to be one of the models to and when I was looking for the clothes the designer scold me because I was taking a long time and I WOKE UP -_- 
I hate a dream that makes me tired when waking up -_-

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