February 7, 2014

lazy not lazy lazy not lazy

The final exam for english is to make an event. It’s a group work. I get to make the event timeline and external proposal. I wanted to finish them yesterday, but I was too lazy to do anything. Then I got bored so I do it lol. I’ve finished the event timeline. I’m still too lazy to do the external proposal though.
Last year I got to do a real event as the promotion coordinator. Making the timeline for the exam made me miss whatever happened last year. I was soooo busy. I didn’t event tumblr for about 3 months. And I may or may not have to quit the student org this year because my GPA is low. If I don’t get a certain amount of GPA this term, I have to quit. I’ve calculated what scores I have to get on this final examinations. I’m sure I’ll fail 2 classes this term, but I got pretty good scores for the rest of the classes. But if I get low scores on the final exam for the rest of the classes, I’ll definitely have to quit since my GPA won’t qualify me to be a student comittee anymore. So I really have to do my best for this final examinations.

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