February 8, 2014

final final final

I finally finished the event timeline and external proposal!!! I can’t sleep yet though… I still have to guide my team mate doing her company timeline on photoshop ._. 
I was so productive yesterday. I started making the event timeline. Then I made the final project for other subject as well even though it’s due on Tuesday! I kinda finished it yesterday. But I somewhat hesitated to send it to the lecturer yesterday. It was a long essay of an application concept. I just remembered that the lecturer will grade it based on these stupid golden rules of designs. So I made the design of the application. I’ve only done the log in page though since I had to finish the event timeline and external proposal first.
I didn’t know it’s a group project. My classmate asked me about our group. I told her that I thought it was individual and I’ve almost finished mine. So I told her that I’m okay doing it alone…..since they just started asking about this project today and I don’t want them to take my credit since I’ve done a lot on this…… and they don’t know that we’re allowed to make an application concept but it gotta be really really good. They only know we have to make an application since they’ve never listened anything the lecturer said in the class. I don’t want them to make a concept too because I’m afraid if their concept is more cool than mine, then my concept will be just ordinary. Although it’s actually really really cool and awesome LOL.
Then I told T about my “sin” to them. Then she said she also has the same concept as mine for her project last year! She’s never told me about it and I have the same idea as her now LOL. It’s just so awesome we have the same ideas for a project lol. But hers was just the basic concept meanwhile mine is already like a whole concept of the application lol. I hope someone will be able to make this concept comes true in the future since it’s seriously exciting LOL.

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