February 13, 2014


I fell asleep and I miss hitam putih again -_-
I had multipaper calculus exam today, and I can’t do both LOL. Even if I could do it, I know I’d still have to re-take the class since my mid term exam score was really really bad. Lots of my classmates who are not the “smart” students in the class couldn’t do it as well.
As for me, I just wrote the questions on the paper, then randomly + - / * and add ∫ Ѳ α LOL. We did it really fast and we were laughing everytime one of us get out of the class. And we made the nerd smart panic because they think the time was almost over LOL I just can’t stop laughing (˵¯̴͒ꇴ¯̴͒˵) I also drew random things on the paper. One of my classmates show his drawing on the paper. He was proud of it but his drawing was bad that’s why I can’t stop laughing LOL. There was even the flappy bird! LOL
I also laughed when another one asks if he could go outside since he’s finished it. Then the invigilator was surprised because it’s only like 30min after it’s started LOL and ask if he’s already finished yet. He answered it ye…..ah…… and the rest of us just laughed LOL. The invigilator told him to wait for 15 more minutes though. 

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