February 3, 2014


The pain’s back. It’s okay for the first few days then it got so painful -_- It’s so painful and I just wanna take it off but I can’t ._. I hate this -_-
And I was sooooo mad earlier in the evening. My mom insisted me to go with her to meet her old friend. I didn’t wanna go because I’d rather tumblr-ing on my laptop. Then I got bored so I told her I’ll go there on whatsapp. She opened her whatsapp but she doesn’t read my chat. When I was halfway to the bus stop she called me and tell me she’s on her way home -_- I was angry because she didn’t read my message. After insisting me that much, she didn’t even read my chat -_- I’m already used to my friends not replying my chats, but it’s my mom and she was so irritating when she insisted to go with her earlier then when I wanna go she’s already on the way home. And it’s way much earlier than the time she told me when she’s gonna be home. I’m just soooo irritated -_- I went back to the apt. I slammed all the doors in my apt. I hadn’t slammed doors for a looooong time because I’ve never been that angry for a long time either. My dog was panic because I was slamming the doors and he got really scared but at the same time he also approach me like he wanna ask me “what’s wrong what happened”. He’s just sooooo cute I love my dog so much ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
And here’s super fatty dinner and I hate it

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