February 23, 2014

a hypocrite

There’s this guy that I really dislike in the class. He’s a good friend of my “friend” in class. I used to be okay with him. One day he complained about his group mate for a project to my friends and I because that person did nothing for the project at all. Then there’s one or two times he’s in the same group as me for projects and HE DID FUCKING NOTHING EITHER. I was so upset but I never tell anyone about it to my “friends” in the class because most of them are just bunch of lazy asses. So they don’t really care anyway. Meanwhile I’m a perfectionistic in doing everything even though I get lazy from time to time, and I did a lot for those assignments. What makes me upset the most is he’s being A FUCKING HYPOCRITE! I know most people do, but he complained about it and he’s fucking one either!
There’s also other thing that makes me dislike him. Unfortunately the LINE group I’m joining has him! I don’t fucking know why he’s invited. Why didn’t my “friend” just invite the same members as the one on whatsapp? He likes to suddenly talk in english and I only understand like half of it because of his weird accent. He could fucking speak in Bahasa well unlike my other classmate whom was raised in USA since he’s a kid till 3 years or so ago and his indonesian isn’t that good. I got so irritated every time I see that chat in English. Trust me it’s not that irritation because I “like” him like in those movies or manga whatsoever. It’s the irritation I got for people I dislike just like that one particular classmate in high school!

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