February 25, 2014


Yesterday was the first day of my 4th semester at the uni aka the 2nd term for this year. I wasn’t really excited as my pink hair has washed out quite a lot even though I’ve only washed it on the shower once, and just dry clean it most of the time….. Well it’s already a week though and I don’t expect much either from manic panic. 
The first lesson was computer networking. The reason I got into computer science. I just wanna learn about computer networking, without any meaningful reasons. I just find it a bit interesting. 
Then the second one was a practicum one. I learned about flash. It’s another useful lesson in my daily life apart from photoshop last semester, but I could do pretty much simple photoshop since high school though. And I don’t plan to learn it any further. 
I checked the winged hoodie I purchase online a few days ago. It’s already on delivery! I guess it’ll arrive later today or tomorrow. Yay!

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