February 4, 2014


19 is a very awkward age. You’re not young enough to be a teen, and yet you’re not old enough to be (mentally) an adult. I’m legally an adult though (in my country)……..  though I’m pretty sure I mentally am not. Although sometimes I am especially at work  -_- I don’t always do this though. There was a time when my colleagues seem to be pretty stressful during an event and I tried to cheer them up but the (ex)leader of the student org told me to be serious instead -_- I was SO serious doing my job, but I also wanna cheer my colleagues up at that time (even though I most of the time dislike/hate them). My mood went so bad at that time and I just go upstairs where the competition was held and don’t fucking care what the fuck happened on the 1st floor anymore. Although I’m sure he just didn’t know what I’m doing at that time, but that was so hurtful when you’ve done your job seriously and wanna do a nice thing to others, especially when the student org’s motto is one fmaily one goal. Who the fuck wanna be family with people like them -_- I was surprised though when one of my colleagues asked me what happened to me later that night during the evaluation meeting. I thought no one would notice me……
I’ve wanted to work for real (not in a student org) since quite some time ago. I brought the topic both direct and indirectly to my mom and she doesn’t allow me to work unless it’s a loooong holiday. She’d rather have me studying at home. I don’t have a looooong holiday. Last summer, I had that stupid stage play to take care of, and I’m gonna have to take summer classes this year because my grades were really bad last semester. I wanna work so I don’t stay at home doing nothing but gaining weight -_-
But I don’t wanna leave my dog either though……… especially he’s so cute these days~ He’s gonna be the oldest at my house soon! He’ll be 7yo on May, and that’s around 49yo for human lol.

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