January 18, 2014


My mom didn’t let me to ride public transportation (except taxi) alone until high school because my mom believes that the country’s not safe. I didn’t live exactly in the city until 1.5 years ago so I’ve only ridden the bus a few times to go to the city.
I still don’t use the public transportation often though unless I’m going to somewhere where there’d definitely a traffic jam. I’ve ridden the BRT aka bus rapid transit aka Transjakarta several times and somehow still excited about it lol. There’s one right in front of the mall beside my apartment, so it’s really convenient~ I wish there’s one that goes to my uni so I don’t have to drive on my own to go to uni -_- There’s one but it’s the old bus type (like 20-30yo or so). It’s cheaper than transjakarta but there’d be lots of street musicians ride the bus and ask for money and in the end I had to spend more money than when I was riding transjakarta -_-
I haven’t top upped my card yet so I bought the paper based ticket. I took the pics when I was going home yesterday from Kuningan City though. And here’s the bus stop.
and this is when I was waiting for the bus. That ugly thing was supposed to be the pillar for skytrain (I think). But the project was somehow stopped a few years ago and living those ugly things around -_- They’re currently doing that project again though. I wish I lived in a better country -_-
and this one’s when I was on the bus. And it’s the traffic jam that I was talking about -_- this traffic jam wasn’t so bad though.
And the bus I rode when going home was a little full and I didn’t get a seat ._. but I can’t wait till the next time I ride it again~ 

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