January 27, 2014

The Color Run

The Color Run was a huge success!!!! I wasn’t disappointed at all (but to my colleague)! I wanted to write about this like an hour ago but I fell asleep -_-
I went to the venue at almost 6am. The bus came at 6am. The ride was only 10 minutes. The venue wasn’t far from the bus stop. I waited for my colleague at the place we agreed to meet yesterday. I waited for a really looooong time and she still didn’t come even till the race was started. I wanted to call her but I haven’t topped my card up so I didn’t have any balance left. I chatted her but the signal was so bad either. Finally she called me and that bitch said she’s already on the start line. She asked a person about the booth we agreed to meet up but that person didn’t know and that bitch just wait somewhere else, and somehow she got to the queue line for the race. That bitch……. She asked me to wait for her and I did and she’s the one who ditched me. That fuckin bitch -_- The queue was soooooo long and thousands of people were there. Luckily I was queueing alone among the sea of humans so I could go fast to the start line.
I finally met her on the race track and I just couldn’t stop swearing at her when we met -_- We did jog & walk through the race. The first color thrown at us was orange. Then green. Then blue.
I don’t really like orange and green so I just walked right away on those. So I didn’t get much orange and green.
Finally we reached the pink station and I was totally spending my time there. I asked for my hair, the back of my t-shirt, and the people who threw the color were really throwing it like crazy so I got a looooot of pink and I was soooo happy LOL. So this is me after passed the pink station.
and finally I finished the race!!!!
and I got even more colorful at the after party
and the throwing session at the after party was soooooooo awesome!
it was definitely a mess everywhere LOL
I got tired so I go out of the crowd and sit somewhere.
I shared this pic to my group on whatsapp and instead of talking about the colors and such, my friends told me I look like a kid -_-
My feet got a lot of colors too even though I didn’t wear white on them but socks which is really short.
So it’s my final me! Before I got blowed by the blower. But the blower really didn’t help much though. I was still full in colors and all people looked at me and some ask me when I was going home. At the bus, the bus stop, all the way to my apartment LOL. The security on my apartment even shocked when he saw me LOL.
The Color Run was indeed tha happiest 5k in the world!!!! (although that bitch who ruined my mood in the morning LOL) It was expensive for a race but it’s definitely worth it!!!

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