January 8, 2014

Taro Mint

I’m skipping school 3 days in a row! I had programming method class or something but mostly about pseudocode. No one’s looked for me so I’m just too lazy to go to campus. I think I’ll go to school on Friday though since my absence for that particular class almost reached maximum allowed lol.
I wanted to buy a pint of ice cream yesterday but I end up buying froyo instead. I’m worried that I’d keep getting fatter and fatter everyday ._. So I bought taro mint frozen yogurt from sour sally. The large one!
There’re student org thingy on Friday and Sunday. I already promised my friend to meet her on Friday because she’s going to south korea soon. The sunday thingy seems not compulsory so I won’t attend that one. I’d rather sleep as always lol.
I don’t really have a life right now. There’s a bunch of things that I wanna do but I’m just too lazy to do it.

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