January 4, 2014

strange dream

I had a strange dream 2 days ago. I wanted to write a blog about it but I forget to write about it. And now I’ve already forgotten about the dream -_-
The set was in a school building. Or a mall. Idk. Some part look like a school hallway and the other part look like a mall. wtf. I was there. Along with most of people whom I went to elementary school with. Friends and not friends. They were all there. But we weren’t kids anymore. We’ve grown up. But everyone’s there. We weren’t even in a reunion or something. We’re all just being there, doing various activities. I don’t remember what I did though. But it felt like a daily life….? idk. It’s weird. I don’t remember the rest.
I haven’t had a nice dream for a looooooong time. And I always wake up tired lately. The dreams I’ve had recently always make me tired. Either I was in an action dream or I was thinking too much in my dream. Both of them make me tired. They weren’t nightmares though.
I hope I’ll have a nice dream tonight. I’m tired of life. I don’t wanna get even more tired because of my dream at night -_-

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