January 11, 2014

she her her

I’ve been sleeping too much lately and my body feel so tired and sore because of it( ̄へ ̄)I could sleep more than 10 hours everyday but I still have baggy eyes whatever. I’ve had baggy eyes since I was in junior high and it never ever goes away. I wish it’d go someday. The bags really make me look so old I hate them so much(;¬_¬)
I haven’t done my projects yet. I asked my classmate about one of the projects and she said the prof hasn’t told us when the due date so I don’t think I’ll do it in the near future even though I’ve already got an amazing idea for that project.
My life’s so boring. My friend is going to south korea soon and we’re supposed to meet up yesterday but she’s hospitalized so we might meet today. It’s almost 4am and I haven’t slept yet so I don’t think I’ll wake up earlier than 12pm. So I don’t think I’ll meet her today.
I made some other gifs. I just got a really easy program to make gifs. I really like the she her her performance on JC so I decided to make a set of gif of that. I think the performance was even sexier than real sexy LOL. And now I can’t stop listening to she her her thanks to them ( ̄ω ̄)

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