January 26, 2014


I’ve finished preparing for today!!! Finally it’s today!! The Color Run!!!!!! I wonder will I be underwhelmed or get the best of it? I’ve read tons of reviews and most of them were underwhelmed. But I still can’t wait to do it on my own! I even have plastic-wrapped my phone LOL. I won’t bring my iphone since i don’t think I’ll wearing earphones and listen to music while on the race. So I’m just gonna bring my S4.
I have to wake up 5am today. I’m not sleepy yet. It’s 1:40am. And I finally won the debate between me and my mom of that bus thing. I’m gonna ride the bus today yay~ I think it’s the first time I actually fought back to her. I was always too lazy to response to anything she’s bitchin about. I’d just stfu and do as whatever she said.
I’m ready for The Color Run!!!!

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