January 18, 2014

Pre-The Color Run

It was raining for almost a whole day yesterday. I didn’t go to the class even though I wake up early in the morning (and I slept early in the morning too). The class wasn’t important though because the lecturer doesn’t really gives us a lecture anyway and showing everything he has off instead. What a waste of time. 
So I went to Kuningan City to get the race pack for The Color Run at 11am. I went there by bus. I was glad because the bus arrive quick, and only a few people were there. However the bus stop wasn’t right in front of the mall so I have to walk for about 10min or so to get there. And the bus ride took longer time than I thought. It was around 40min but luckily I get to sit for the whole time lol.
It was my first time to go to Kuningan City. It’s pretty far from my home (and the previous ones too) so I’ve never been to that mall before. I got there during lunch time so there were lots of employees from offices nearby having lunch there. And there’s this stairs outside. I fell. Luckily no one was there. I just wanna forget about it. Ugh.
There wasn’t many people on the queue line to get the race pack. I wanted the S-sized t-shirt but somehow they just keep it and tell people it’s out of stock (and I clearly saw boxes with “S” on it -_-). So I got the M one. Here’s the race pack~
oops I forgot to take a pic of my number bib & the tattoo (つω⊂* ) I want (and need) the headband….. and the tattoo is incredibly small! I thought it’d be bigger…. it’s the perfect size for cheeks though, but I’m so not going to put it on my cheek -_- and no color powder!!! I somewhat like the sunglasses though LOL.
I tried wearing it, and it’s not bad LOL.
and my dog did too LOL
Since I didn’t have anything to do so I went to the lotte mart. If there’s lotte mart, there’s brem bali LOL. I bought my no 1 favorite Indonesian snack ever, brem bali!!!!
Then since I really had nothing to do and just only slept for an hour that morning, I decide to go home. I went outside the mall and it’s raining!!! But then it stopped LOL. So I went to the bus stop. The bus didn’t come as quick as before though, but still pretty quick which is still awesome. Whenever I rode a bus, I 90% waited for a looooong time -_- and I finally got to take pictures of the bus stop LOL. But I think I’ll just make a different post about the bus later. I’ve wanted to make a post about the bus rapid transit but I didn’t have enough pictures sooooo I’m gonna write one later. And weekend’s here I have to do my final project ughhhhhhh -_-

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