January 11, 2014

Pot Belly Really Loves Me

My mom’s going to pelangi tomorrow and ask me to come as well. I don’t think I’ll wake up as early as her so I’ll just meet her there. She has to do something for her work there.
I’m gonna get my belly button pierced! I wanted to get it last week but my mom’s being such a “mom” and she worried about the hygiene and such because she doesn’t trust the place where I was gonna get it. So I researched for a place trusted enough to do it and it’s in pelangi! People said it’s expensive there. I’m saving my money to dye my hair ombre pink so I hope my mom will pay for it since she didn’t let me to do it on a cheaper place lol. I actually wanted to get my belly button pierced when my belly is flat. Unfortunately the pot belly really loves me and never go away even for a sec so I’m just gonna pierce it anyway -_-
My number on my iphone also got canceled because I forgot to top it up so I’m gonna go to that provider center there in pelangi as well. I just can’t wait for tomorrow!
I have 3 piercings on my left ear lobe and the top one’s been being such a bitch. I haven’t worn an earring on that piercing since I lost my diamond earring a few months ago ;_; I’ve been trying to put an earring on that piercing but it just won’t go through even though the hole’s still there what a bitch -_- I also have a helix on my left ear. And another two piercings on my right ear lobe. I wanna get an industrial piercing for my right ear but I can’t stand the thought that I can’t sleep facing the right side which is my fav position for months -_-

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