January 2, 2014

New Year’s Eve

fireworks weren’t as much as last year. Perhaps because it was raining. I don’t know whether it was raining or not. But it rained at around 3am or something.
Actually, I did the exact same thing last year for new year’s eve. I watched kouhaku uta gassen, then johnny’s countdown, celebrate japan’s new year, then wait for the new year in my country (which was 2 hours later), watch fireworks from my balcony, tumblr, and sleep. LOL. Oh! I did something different! I also watched melissa and joey this year lol. BTW, I’ve finished watching it up to the latest episode now yay!
Anyway, the fireworks were still pretty although fewer than last year. I got amazing view from my apt although it’s not so high. I guess the higher, the better the view(?). I uploaded a video to tumblr from my phone. It failed though……perhaps because the size is too big…
It’s late….but happy new year guys!

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