January 5, 2014

Marugame Udon

I’m not a fan of udon, but my mom wanted to go to this restaurant that my uncle was talking about two days ago. So we went to this udon restaurant that somehow my uncle really loves yesterday. It’s Marugame Udon. I ordered Mentai Kamatama Udon. The other udon just didn’t get my heart (wtf idk how to say this expression in english). 
I also had sweet potato tempura, egg tempura, inari and tofu wrapped shrimps. I like these much better than the udon. I’m not a fan of udon after all…..
and the egg was soft boiled so I obviously love it so much LOL. Seeee it looks so delicious and it was indeed delicious!
The udon wasn’t bad actually. It was delicious as well. But I don’t like udon. Perhaps if the noodle was ramen type I might like it better. The mentai sauce was delicious along with the super soft boiled egg.

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