January 29, 2014

Manic Panic

I’ve ordered Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink!! The cheapest one I found on online shop was around USD 25 which is still expensive -_- and I have to wait for it for 2 or 3 weeks ._. The reviews I read on net aren’t that good but I think my hair is liiiight enough for pink and I’m still gonna bleach it because I want to make it ombre. 
and I just realized that I do love my current hair color and I took lots of selfies today LOL. I rarely took a selfie, but I took a loooooooooot of them today. I can’t wait till the pink hair dye arrive~! I wish my hair won’t look yellow-ish by the time the pink hair dye come ._.
and I think my scalp isn’t okay at all….. it felt rough and it’s definitely not a dandruff….. it must be because of the super harsh and hurtful bleach -_-

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