January 28, 2014

lots of things to do

I went to lots of pharmacy to get that saline solution to clean my freshly pierced belly button but none of them sold it -_- So I just cleaned it with antibacterial soap instead since the internet says to not clean it with alcohol because it’s too harsh for the skin. I looked for sea salt as well but no one sells it as well -_- I think I have to go to “more expensive” supermarket to find the sea salt….. but I don’t have time to do it. I was busy making the material for the presentation tomorrow. I get the business environment part and I made a really loooooooooong essay and conver it into bullet points ._.
I think I can’t dye my hair today because I have to make another assignment which is the english assignment since my teammates are just not reliable at all. I’m not sure if it’s due on Wednesday or next Saturday though. If it’s due on Saturday, then I’ll dye my hair tomorrow. So I think I’ll have the time to buy the sea salt on Wednesday…. or should I buy the sea salt today and dye my hair on Wednesday instead? but my legs are still a little bit sore because of the color run LOL and since I’ll definitely too lazy to drive my own car to the mall, I’ll ride the bus instead and that means more walking. My legs hurt a little bit when I was looking for sea salt and saline solution in the mall and shops near my apartment yesterday and I was grumpy all the way to myself because of it. And my pierced belly still hurts sometimes and that make my mood even worse -_-

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