January 24, 2014


I’ve been tumblr-ing for hours. I reblogged a lot of things. Now I’m worried that I’ll reach the post limit during the class today. My class will start at 7:20am but I’ll come at 8am and now is 2:50am and it’s still 9 hours to the reset time -_- This is the first time I worry I’ll reach the post limit. What will I do in the class if I reach the post limit…..? well the lecturer will mostly just brag about everything he has and not teach anything. My queue is full. I just saved posts that I wanna reblog as drafts so I can reblog them later after the reset time.  
I have to wake up at 6am today. I wonder if I’ll fall asleep or not today. I’m not sleepy yet. I woke up in the afternoon yesterday. I’m bored.

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