January 12, 2014

Kimono Wrapping Gift

I went to the mall today yesterday because my mom to eat ramen. Then one of her friends just gave birth recently so my mom bought a gift for the newborn baby. We went to mothercare. There were lots of cute baby clothes XD If I had a baby, I’d definitely spend lots of money there LOL. I took a pic of my fav baby sleepsuits! They’re so cool~
The pink-white-black and with animal pattern is so me LOL. If I had a daughter, I’d definitely buy her those clothes LOL and I love the colors of the other one too. It’s so cheerful and the fish is such a cutie XD
My mom bought a pack of bodysuits. They’re cute too though. I chose the hello kitty wrapping paper. My mom wanted the charmmy kitty one because it’s more “pink” since the baby is a girl. But she gave up and hello kitty it is! LOL
and I offered to wrap it too since I really wanna try some gift wrapping tutorial on the net. I looked for a cute wrapping but there’s none that really catch my heart. So I decided to try this kimono style one. Aaaandd voila!
It turned out pretty nice~ the kimono doesn’t really show though perhaps because of the pattern of the paper….

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