January 1, 2014

Johnny’s Countdown 2013-2014

Happy new year! I think the video I uploaded more than an hour ago from my phone hasn’t got uploaded yet -_-
Sooooo I watched Johnny’s Countdown on keyhole tv since I don’t have TV Asahi on TV. It was baaaaaad. The streaming was bad!! I didn’t have key something so the quality was very poor! I was looking for other streaming site but I couldn’t find any -_- I took several screenshots but the quality’s really bad, everything’s pixelated -_- I wish someone would post the video soon since I wanna watch it again in better quality real bad!
The countdown itself was much better than the previous year! I’m not really a fan of old johnny’s so obviously this countdown was better! Mostly new groups were performing! Those who were still in their 20s and 30s (or 19 and 18 lol). There were sexy zone, hey say jump, kat-tun(live from osaka kyocera dome,not sure if it was live though since they usually talked saying hi there blah blah just like kanjani8 did.), news, yamapi, tackey and tsubasa(I just realized that they didn’t do the imperial theater new year concert this year?), kinki kids(the host for this year, again), kis-my-ft2, abcz, kansai jr + nakayama yuma(he’s debuted, right?), uchi hiroki(I’m pretty sure I saw him although the video was pixelated), kondo masahiko(I think) and another old generation one whom I don’t know….. There’s no arashi, smap, tokio, v6, kanjani8, and akanishi jin(again). I was hoping those who were in kouhaku could appear on the JC as well. Last year (and the year before) arashi appeared from the rooftop of NHK building since they were the host for NHK kouhaku uta gassen and the performance was amazing as always! But only sexy zone showed up (and I’m still so grateful for that). I wish I could see smap, v6, arashi, kanjani8 and akanishi jin though. Jin never appeared on the countdown concert after he left KAT-TUN. Perhaps arashi, smap, and kanjani8 did appear before the live from TV asahi was started. I don’t know though. I really wished kanjani8 could come to tokyo dome though since they might still have time to go from nhk to tokyo dome. They could get there for less than 30 minutes by car if there’s no traffic jam (I googled it…….)
It started with the medley as always, singing old songs to the latest one.
There’s JUMP Band!
and Hey! Say! JUMP as a group (without ryutaro sobsobsobsobsob will he ever come back I hope so but I don’t think so ;_;)
Finally it’s Sexy Zone! Kento wasn’t alone this year! Since fuma has reached legal age to work till late at night on TV lol. They ran to the jr seats where the rest of sexy zone members were sitting with jr. Kento did this as well last year but I felt watching it so awkward since he’s alone singing his group’s song (and in a santa outfit lol yeah the song was sexy summer)
and they went pretty brutal lol
Then they all gathered before the 00:00
and senpai appeared
and happy new year!!! akimashite omedetou!!
and happy birthday to Domoto Koichi! lol he always celebrates birthday in JC since his birthday is January 1st.
and another medley by the groups! Finally KAT-TUN appeared!!! I was waiting for them and getting worried since the group had somewhat pretty bad year last year. I’m glad they were able to hold new year countdown concert!!!
Sexy zone was pre-recorded though. I wished to see them live instead of pre-recorded. It’s more fun when the older members approached the younger members who still couldn’t perform since they’re under age. A few years ago, like half of HSJ members were still underage and the older members just approached them to their seats.
and the kansai jr!
B.A.D with shigeoka daiki and the kansai jr at the back (this is what I was talking about, approaching the younger boys to their seats and goooo crazyyyy LOL)
and Hey! Say! JUMP again
NEWS. I haven’t seen shige and koyama for a pretty loooong time lol. There were tegomasu performance as well, but I didn’t take a screenshot of them. I just realized I didn’t take many screenshots……most of the screeshots I took were sexy zone and HSJ LOL.
HSJ with abcz. Go kei!!!
and kento again LOL
and the horse people! 4 are from HSJ! yabu, hikaru, takaki and kei! They were born in 1990!
and Sexy Zone(well kento and fuma) talking about their wish (for sexy zone) in 2014 (I think, LOL)
and Hey! Say! JUMP did too~!
and the concert ended!!!!
It went so fast!!!!!!!! Well it’s definitely much faster than NHK kouhaku uta gassen lol. There were lots of performances. I didn’t take screenshots of all of them though. Now I’m waiting for someone who’s kind enough to upload the good quality of the countdown concert~
Then there’s a variety show and kis-my-ft2 and kento was there too! I wanted too watch it but the quality really sucks so I’d just wait for somebody to upload it……. :3

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