January 22, 2014


I woke up at 11am and my class started at 11:20am today. So I was late for about an hour. The quiz has started, and I could only do 1/3. I was gonna ask someone on the class before the quiz about number 2, but I couldn’t since I was late. I didn’t find anything about number 3 on the materials for the class that I studied yesterday so I couldn’t do it either.
The lecturer was so freaking love to teach thus the class finished an hour late. It was like a torture -_- It’s one of the classes that I hate. And it’s surprisingly not because of the subject. It’s because of the lecturer. He didn’t teach in English, and yet I could hardly understand the words he said. He spoke in Indonesian, yet like indonesian people talk in english but not clear at all (which I guess because of they don’t confident enough). I’ve always had a hard time listening to him, so I decided to just play with my phone in the class ._.
Then I finally bought the macaroni!!! I’ve been craving for it since the first day of holiday. So I bought 10 at once today LOL.
It’s not as salty and spicy as the one I bought for the first time. But it’s still hot!!!! I love spicy food though so it’s yummy even though it’s not a healthy snack at all LOL. I hope my intestine will be okay since I’ll be eating this for the next few days. My friend, R, just got her intestine wounded because she ate lots of spicy chips or something last week and was hospitalized because of it. I hope it won’t happen to me……as my tummy is feeling hot right now because I’ve eaten 3/10 today LOL. I even added it to my dinner XD
and I’m gonna eat another one now~

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